Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale: New Spoilers for “A is for Answers”

Pretty Little Liars finale photo: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" - spoilers about PLL Season 4 Episode 24:

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While we still have a couple more episodes of non-stop drama to look forward to, we can’t help but wonder about the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale. They tend to be jam-packed with mind-blowing twists and major reveals. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long for fresh spoilers though — executive producer Marlene king sensed all the excitement brewing in PLL fanland and was kind enough to drop a juicy tidbit about Season 4 Episode 24: “A is for Answers.”

When a loyal viewer — frustrated with all the unresolved mysteries and endless parade of “A” suspects on the popular ABC Family — took to Twitter to voice her concerns, Marlene provided considerable relief with her short-yet-sweet response. “Alright @imarleneking, I’m sick of feeling too stupid to figure out an ABC Family show, when do we get real answers?!” asked twitter user cheechy333. Without missing a beat, Mar answered, “March 18th,” aka the date for the most intense PLL finale yet.

Additionally, in a recent interview with Zap2It, executive producer Joseph Dougherty — who just so happens to be the mastermind behind the beautiful and noir-inspired black-and-white episode — was forthcoming about what to expect in episode 4×24. “[EP Marlene King] ends up going ‘Vertigo,’ another aspect of ‘Vertigo,'” he teased. “There are other things, but the one that jumps out at me is ‘Vertigo.'” Interesting.

For those who haven’t yet watched this sensational psychological thriller by Alfred Hitchcock, here’s a SPOILER-FILLED overview: a private detective named Scottie with a fear of heights is tricked into acting as an accomplice for murder. When an old friend named Gavin Elster approaches him and asks him to keep an eye on his beautiful wife Madeleine (who claims she’s been possessed by the spirit of a suicidal aristocrat), the detective agrees to trail her and ends up falling in love with her. However, when Madeleine jumps off a bell tower to her death, Scottie’s fear of vertigo kicks in and he’s unable to intervene and save her. Consequently, he suffers a breakdown. Flash forward to the future: the detective comes upon a gorgeous woman named Judy who resembles his former flame. They end up dating but his guilt-ridden soul causes his obsession to turn into complete and utter madness. She insists that she’s not who he claims she is but the hard-boiled detective doesn’t buy her story. Meanwhile, while Scottie desperately claws around for clues, Hitchcock lets the audience in on a little secret: this mysterious woman is exactly who Scottie says she is. Apparently her insanity and suicide were just lies — a cruel hoax concocted by Gavin to cover up the murder of his very rich wife, from whom he stood to inherit millions. Ultimately, Scottie decides to confront Judy and his phobia (he’s quite the multi-tasker) and drags her to the bell tower to get some damn answers and a sense of closure. However, upon seeing a dark, shadowy figure approach her (it’s a nun), “Judy” she freaks the hell out and plunges to her death….for real this time! Scottie overcomes his fear of heights but at the price of losing the woman that he loves.

Hmm. We’re not saying that’s the entire framework to “A is for answers.” However, there are so many parallels between the show and the film! A duplicitous blonde faking her death? A person falling from a bell tower? A partnership between manipulative individuals whose selfish actions send innocent people on a wild goose chase? A relentless person — whose past haunts him — doing everything in his/her power to unravel a convoluted murder plot only to unwittingly end up a pawn in a huge conspiracy?  It all sounds awfully familiar don’t you think, lovelies? That said, Joseph’s “Vertigo” spoiler has left us in a total state of excitement and anticipation. We can’t wait to watch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 finale!

What do you think is going to go down when “A is for Answers” airs on ABC Family on March 18th? Do you reckon Alison DiLaurentis is actually in danger or she just toying with her friends like they’re a bunch of dolls? Post your predictions below!


  1. EK Said:

    Is it ending?? Or is it the season finale?

  2. Issy Said:

    Nah I don’t think it is the end cause there is still a lot of questions waiting to be answered. I am really looking forward to the finale because I think we are going to find out about ‘That night’ I have a feeling that Alison might end up actually dying because no one would be expecting it… Does anyone believe in the twin thing? I do but I don’t …if you know what I mean…

  3. Kaitlin Said:

    I really think alison is going to fake her death because there is no way she would go through all this just
    end her life . She is Alison Dilaurentis and shes not a quitter . I just feel bad for everything she put the
    girls through . I could also CeCe faking her death ,we havent seen a lot of her this seas

  4. ismAel Said:

    I think alis mom knocked her out so she can protect someone. So since we taught she killed her she decided to bury her, but grunwall saved her. And I think Ezra isn’t A maybe he’s just protecting aria, or he is writing a b

  5. satha ali Said:

    I think Ezra is not A cos why was CeCe spying on him and Aria in his apartment since she isa A’s follower and I bet even Ezra is A’s follower and they don’t know cos A is dealing with them separately. …kisses-A lol

  6. Michelle Said:

    How long is this episode going to last? An hour or 42 minutes??

  7. Jenna Said:

    Um it was 42 minutes (excluding commercials.) It was quite good and there will be a for sure season 5. Not sure about season 6 yet. Cliffhangers!

  8. Sayde Said:

    I don’t think EZRA is A, but does ALISON is A? And if she is A does she sent messages for herself??????????????????

  9. BELLA Said:

    Does Spencer kill Alison????????

  10. FUKA Said:

    WHO IS A??

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