Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Spoilers: A Surprise Return, A Flashback, and Wilden’s Trunk of Horrors!

Hand in the dirt - PLL Season 3 finaleAll in all, the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale was a satisfying shock-fest but, as usual, the popular ABC Family drama left viewers craving more, especially with that terrifying cliffhanger at the end in which Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Mona stumble a gruesome discovery in Wilden’s car trunk. Oh and whose hand was that crawling its way out of the dirt? Ahh!

We don’t know about you, but we have SO MANY QUESTIONS. Luckily, we don’t have to wait until June 11th when the show returns for some answers because our hero, executive producer Oliver Goldstick, has risen to the occasion again with fresh spoilers about PLL Season 4 and the first episode “‘A’ is for Alive.” Check out what he revealed in an interview with ETOnline below!

On The Gazebo Scene & The Hand in The Dirt: “You’ll get some insight into that moment in episode two. We like to use those moments to plant a pebble that starts a landslide. I mean, how long can you be buried alive before you actually die? Who knows who was actually in the ground — maybe Alison was the one pulling the person out of the pit before getting thrown in there herself. That’s one big question we’re leaving up in the air.”

On What/Who is Stashed Away in Wilden’s Trunk: “We come back minutes later. We’re not doing a time-jump this year. There’s a game changing event because of what’s in that trunk. What is inside that trunk will really send our girls down a different path this year.”

On The Return of a Surprise Rosewood Resident: [Mrs. DiLaurentis] She comes back, alone, and lives in that house. She has a peculiar agenda that the girls cannot figure out. It takes quite a while for the girls to unravel what the hell she’s doing back in Rosewood and what she really wants.” He adds, “Mrs. D gives us a whole new window onto Alison, the summer before she disappeared, the night she disappeared and her relationship with the girls. Remember that flashback of Alison coming in all bloody at 3 a.m. — clearly something big was going on there. All those things contribute to a certain darkness that we will play with next season.”

On Toby’s Double Agent Role: “[…] in season four Toby gets sucked back in to that world in a very juicy way. It’s also very emotional because “A” knows something very emotional in Toby’s past. Don’t forget that Toby has been haunted as well by the “A” of it all. I was not being disingenuous over the years when I said he has an ax to grind with Alison; she sent him to juvie for a year! It took some time for his animosity to melt. Emily was the first to penetrate that, and show Toby that these girls weren’t all mini [versions of] Alison. They were more guilty by association. Then he got to know Spencer, and clearly that was hot. There were sparks.”

Read the full interview here!

What’s the biggest question you have about Pretty Little Liars Season 4? Drop us a comment and who knows — perhaps you’ll find it answered! ;)


  1. Laura Said:

    On the first Halloween episode there was a Rosewood sanitaruim car. How many books are there?

  2. Ruby Said:

    For one: what’s in wildems trunk and for
    Two: who’s arms comming out of the ground
    Three: is ally alive
    Please answer I’m so confused

  3. payton Said:

    I think ally is alive. I think.
    i also think that jenna could be in the trunk

  4. Ruby Said:


  5. Brianna Said:

    Whose in the trunk?
    Whose red coat girl?
    Is there new characters in this season?
    Is Alison alive or dead?
    Whose in charge of A? I know the red coat girl is but who is she?????
    Will Spencer be on the A team?
    Whose hand was that in the dirt sticking out?
    Please answer all of my questions. Thank you. :-)

  6. Jillian Said:

    How do you fake a person’s death, especially when the body of the person is found, like if Ali is/was alive, how would her death have been faked?

  7. Jemima Said:

    i personally dont think that it is a body in the trunk otherwise the plls would have been really freaked out and wouldn’t have just walked away as it shows on the abcfamily website (question 7 on a’s game) but its meant to be really horrific so its more likely to be like a dead animal or something made to look really shocking to frame the plls maybe :)

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  9. Suzi Said:

    The biggest question for me would be who is red coat?

  10. Nick Said:

    Ok first of all does anyone else wonder about the twin thing. Allison told that boy the story about that one twin killing the other when she was watching him on the Halloween special. Also Hannah’s mom saw the twins ghost. Maybe mrs. Delilaurentis isn’t just coming back for closer maybe she knows exactly what happened to the other daughter. I think that the twins were real and the Allison that we know is the one that killed the other twin. Which would explain how screwed up she really was.

  11. Nick Said:

    Sorry ran out of words.
    Anyway that was one thought the other is that maybe that’s just what Allison wanted the girls to think and maybe the twins are working together. Like with the scene where the hand comes out of the ground. Allison was in the ground and the other twin comes and gets her out. What I’m getting at is the twins, if there are twins, are maybe working together.
    Also I think that Ezra is “A”. Because of the Halloween when aria came out ok Ezra did not seem happy at all.

  12. Cool Said:

    Ezra isn’t A and neither is real Hannah it’s Hannah’s still alive twin
    Plus Ezra had sex with aria why would he do that and he helps them.

  13. lala:-] Said:

    okay number one- was ali’s hand sticking out of the dirt.
    Number two- was cece the hand that pulled her out.
    Number theee- is Mona now on the girls side or A’s

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