First Look: The Cast Returns to Set for Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 1 (PHOTOS)

Lindsey Shaw and Shay Mitchell at the Pretty Little Liars Seson 5 Episode 1 table read

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

We have good news and bad news, dolls. The bad news is we have to wait until Tuesday, June 10th for a brand new episode of Pretty Little Liars. (Oh the sheer agony of a television hiatus! It’s almost as painful as getting whacked in the head with a rock by an overzealous sociopath and buried alive by your panicked mother. Almost.) The good news though? The cast and crew are already back on set (hooray!) and hard at work filming PLL Season 5 Episode 1: “EscApe from New York.” There’s no rest for the wicked in Rosewood and for this we are very grateful.

So what can we expect in terms of the show’s exciting new chapter? Well, first off, Caleb moves back to town and that alone is reason enough to celebrate. Second, we’re going to get even more answers about what in the holy boysenberry is going on with Alison DiLaurentis and she’s set to play a huge role this year. Third, the N.A.T. Club mystery shall rise up faster than the Dark Lord after he’s gorged on unicorn blood. Fourth, Lucas Gottesman returns. Will he skateboard his way into our hearts once again? Obviously!  And, naturally, it wouldn’t be a proper PLL season without some major relationship drama. According to executive producer Marlene King, one couple will experience a downward spiral. (Paily? Spoby? We’re worried!)

Luckily we don’t have to wait too long for fresh spoilers. Norman Buckley is directing the latest installment of our favorite ABC Family series, and as you may very well be aware, this creative mastermind loves to treat patient viewers to cryptic clues and sneak peek photos via his social media accounts. So far — along with Sasha Pieterse and the show’s main quartet — we’ve spotted Lindsey Shaw, Brant Daugherty, Janel Parrish, Torrey Devitto, Sean Faris, and Brendan Robinson milling around. (Uh-oh. We smell trouble…)

Check out some interesting snapshots from the first 5×01 table read and rehearsal in the gallery below. Then drop us a comment telling us whose return has you freaking out the most!

EscApe from New York!

Fun fact: the episode's title is a play on the 1981 sci-fi cult classic by John Carpenter and will take place in NYC (or at least made to look that way). Here's a synopsis for the film: "Set in the then-near future aka 1997, the US President crashes into Manhattan -- now a giant maximum security prison -- and a convicted bank robber is sent in to rescue him."

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Vanderwaal versus Kahn

Oh hey, Janel Parrish! Oh hey, Brant Daugherty! Judging by their appearance at the table, it's clear to us that Noel Kahn is going to be stirring up lots of trouble and Mona Vanderwaal is ready to cut a bitch. Holla!

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Shay Mitchell in Character

Check out the lovely actress taking on her most intense role yet: PLL producer, Lisa Cochran-Neilan!

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Detective Holbrook is in the house! de Hastings to be exact.

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Our first Lucas sighting!

Welcome back to the fold, Mister Robinson.Just please don't set any more garbage can fires.

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

The Beauty of Paily

Paige and Emily might be at odds with one another, but Shay Mitchell and her on-screen love interest, Lindsey Shaw, certainly are not. The two shared some laughs over snacks at the PLL 5x01 table read.

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Melissa's Got A Gun

Whoa there, Torrey DeVitto. Put down the weapon and let's talk about who A is like two rational fangirls. "Nobody moves! Nobody gets hurt! #pll #bts #season5 #crazygirlwithagun," Sean Faris joked in the caption section.

Photo Credit: Torrey DeVitto via Instagram at @i_am_seanfaris

ButtahBenzo Alert

The fierce duo is back and it feels -- and looks -- so good!

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

The Hastings Return!

We rarely see Spencer and Melissa's parents in the same room together. The only time they share scenes is one of their daughters experiences a crisis (farewell, baby daddy Ian; hello, rehab for study pill addiction) so this should be very interesting.

Photo Credit: Lesley Fera via twitter at @lesleyfera

Hey there, Larry Reibman!

Director of photography, Larry Reibman, catches up with Troian Bellisario and Lucy Hale. Whatever could they be chatting about? A's identity? All those secrets hiding in crazy Spencer's hair? Ezria scoop? Ahh!

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Mama Bear

Lesley Fera understands that the first thing needed to transform into a Hastings is a fresh cup of coffee.

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Melissa and Holbrook

Is the relentless detective still interrogating Spencer's older sister about Ali's disappearance and who is buried in her place? Well, considering how Melissa whispered the truth into her dear papa's ear in the PLL spring finale, she definitely has valuable info to cough up. Plus, Torrey and Sean are seated right next to each other on set which means their characters have scenes together which means WATCH OUT NOW! #NeverTurnYourBackOnAHastings

Photo Credit: Torrey DeVitto via Instagram at @tordevitto

The Masterminds at Play

What happens when two cinematic visionaries join forces? According to Norman Buckley and Joseph Dougherty's track record, drama ensues. Sometimes Rosewood even turns black-and-white as a result!

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Papa Bear

Unlike his PLL ego Peter Hastings, Nolan North likes to get silly once in a while. "Hey @LesleyFera, should I be concerned that @nolan_north appears to be hanging out in the Marin house? Tell him not to touch anything...", Laura Leighton jokingly warned on her official twitter .

Photo Credit: Lesley Fera via twitter at @lesleyfera

Pretty Little Marlene

Executive producer Marlene King joins Norman Buckley on a tech scout adventure!

Photo Credit: Norman Buckley via Instagram at @norbuck

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 1: “EscApe from New York” airs Tuesday (June 10, 2014) at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. Mark your calendars and be sure to tune in to find out whether or not Ezra Fitz lives to see another day!


  1. Jessica James Said:

    Love pretty little liars cant wait until it start again, dying to see who is A

  2. Cindy Said:

    Where is Ian Harding :( i really hope nothing happened to Ezra!

  3. ALISHA Said:


  4. Ally Said:

    Go read the books

  5. jagonaserb Said:

    Excited to see lucas again.. Miss him.. :)

  6. -A Said:

    Now is my time to get even. But patience is the only key left my friend.

  7. OBSESSED Said:

    haha love what “-A” had so say…. sooo creeped out no man!!! haha

  8. Ciarra Said:

    Everyone is like “EZRA BETTER LIVE” ECT…. I hope he does I also wanna know if he Dies and what happens to Allison and Spoby, Paily, Allison’s mom, Who A is, If Ezra tells who A is? If he lives ect… Cant wait until Season 5 OMG!! I Think I know who A is But I’m not sure….

  9. Charla Said:

    I really can’t wait to see who is A.
    It is the only thing I want.
    Love every series.
    Melissa is the best!

  10. Charlotte Said:

    well who do you think it is?!?!?! Ciarra

  11. sophie Said:

    Well we know now that ezra lives, but i always thought that because tbh some people just watch the show for ezria and i think they wouldnt fire him. But then Ezra said that he knew who -A was before he was shot so who know?? the writers haha

  12. Riley Beyer Said:

    Ezars fitz is so I hot I have a I love mr.fitz shirt and I got a carpet and bed spred that says I love mr.fitz

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