Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 3: Songs from “Surfing the Aftershocks”

Mona and Hanna hold hands in a flashback scene from "Surfing the Aftershocks."


Are you wondering what wonderful songs were featured in Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 3: “Surfing the Aftershocks”? Are you currently scouring the Internet in search of the sexy track Mona and Hanna strutted to during their fierce flashback scene? Tune in to a brand new PLL music playlist below to find out!!

Smoke & Mirrors” by Agnes Obel: This beautiful ballad (from the album Aventine) plays during the opening montage of PLL episode 5×03. During it, we see Alison DiLaurentis laying in bed as people ask her father, Kenneth, how she’s holding up and if she’s okay.

Babes” by Icky Blossoms: This song plays when Hanna and Emily discuss whether or not Jason DiLaurentis is guilty of killing his own mother. As they head back to Rosewood Hanna flashes back to the day she and Mona unveiled their hot new makeovers at school. They glamorous besties hold hands as they strut down the hallway, wind blowing in their hair.

Colour My Heart” by Charlotte OC: This song plays during the scene at the Brew. Hanna asks Emily to place their coffee orders so that she can have a quick chat with Mona. She confronts her former best friend and demands to know if she knew Alison was alive when she began her makeover of her. She accuses her of wanting Ali to return to Rosewood.

All a Lie” by The Bixby Knolls: Plays when, after being mistaken for Alison, Hanna decides it’s time for a change and drops by the local salon for a dye job. Mona creeps on her from a cloudy partition.

What was your favorite music moment from Pretty Little Liars episode 5×03? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to recommend some amazing songs you’d love to hear in future installments of the show!

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