ABC Family Annnounces Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Premiere Date

ABC Family announces Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiere date.


If you are as saddened as we are at the thought of the PLL Season 4 finale coming to end and then being left without any Rosewood drama to fret over for three months, don’t be; the show is actually returning sooner than expected. According to ABC Family, the Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premiere airs Tuesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET!

Now doesn’t that make the hiatus seem a tad more bearable? Call us obsessed but we already have the date marked on our calendars and are counting down the days!

So what’s going down in Season 5? First of all, the Pretty Little Liars 100th episode is happening so there’s that. (Crossing our fingers there’s a big, delicious cake involved — the only proper way to celebrate such a wonderful milestone!) Second, get ready for the most intense season yet. The executive producers and writers are obviously keeping certain details private, but we do know one thing: Ali is in the center of all the mischief. Here’s the official synopsis the network generously released: “In the new season of the hit drama series, the PLLs must dodge their dreaded nemesis ‘A,’ while navigating a world with Alison back in it.” It sounds like Alison is returning to Rosewood in the end — just like in the book series by Sara Shepard — but A’s identity will still remain a mystery.

Moreover, according to beloved director Norman Buckley, PLL episode 5×01 is quite the jaw-dropping event! “The script for #PLL 501. All i can say is wow! It’s huge. Should be quite an undertaking! #thatsapun,” he recently teased. Undertaking…undertaker…cemeteries? Ahh! We can’t wait to watch the finale and try to piece the clues and information together.

What is your biggest wish for Pretty Little Liars Season 5? Are you suspicious about Alison’s return to the “real world”?


  1. Cassie McDonald Said:

    super exited to see what happens in season 5!! season 1-4 was amazing which only gets me wondering what’s going to be happening in season 5!! love the whole cast, amazing acting and terrific story line!! by far the best show ever made and I never want it to stop!!!! <3 love you pll <3

  2. Amanda P. Said:

    I’m beyond excited for Season 5!!!

    I’m 30 years old and this is the most thrilling show I’ve ever seen. when I first heard about it, I thought oh this is going to be another teeny bopper cheezy show. I decided one day to rent season 1 from my library and after the first episode my mother and I were hooked!! We watched the whole first season in one weekend!!

    I went and bought the 1 first and second season soon after and been watching ever since!

  3. OBSESSED Said:

    wow this is gonna b HUGE!!!!

  4. -A Said:

    cant wait to see you on the other side of the screen bitches



    ali’s mom was A? im so cufused!!!!!! i need some anwsers!! is ezra dead???!! WTF!!!!!!

  6. aaru Said:

    WTF!!!!is Ezra really dead??? this is going to be really sad if he is dead.
    I really want him back.:(

  7. Glenn Said:

    The past 4 seasons were awesome. However I think there is a lot more to the story on screen. If they decide to take parts from the books Ali may not be the victim she seems. However, there is still A to consider. I’m also not convinced Mona is completely bad. If Ali is the victim, its possible that Mona helping her was genuine and Mona becoming the first A may have been what Mona believed as payback to the girls. As for Mrs D, I think she is protecting A because its one of her children..Jason:)

  8. Tiara Said:

    OMG!!!!!! i just cannot wait !!! I am sooooo excited, everytime i watch this show it just makes me wanna come back for more and more !!! i am sooooo hooked!!! Although i really kinda dislike ezra, i sooo hope that he isnt dead !!! And they better not put hanna and caleb back together, Travis and Hanna make a cute ass couple !!! I just cant wait !!! #PLL

  9. Jossy Said:

    Omg i cant wait for 5*01 ……

  10. Kirsten Said:

    Wow. Wow. Wow. The season 4 finale episode was just mind-blowing and I am super-duper excited for season 5!! I am SO glad Ali is back and giving us more clues – i think we needed some answers after 4 seasons of wondering why Melissa, Ian, Noel, Mona etc. all had parts in Ali’s story….and there is still more answers to come! I hope Ezra doesn’t die. Yes, he used the girls (in particular) Aria, to get more information on Alison for his book, but i do believe he was in love with Aria!!

  11. Michelle Said:

    At the end of season 4 finale was that Ali’s mom they were burring

  12. blocked ID Said:

    I’ve read the books the books and now watching all the seasons, just finished Episode 13 of Season 3. Still have to watch a lot, still I am very excited for season 5 to come! Suprised by how different the series are from the books, but I think that the person who killed ‘ALi’ in the books will be the same in the series.
    Anyway, very excited for season 5 to come ;)

  13. Betty Said:

    What channel does it come on ??

  14. Shery Said:

    OMG!!!!!!!! PLL is the best series ever!! I am totally hooked and are counting the days for season5!! I cant wait!!

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