Sex, Lies and Videotape

The last seconds of “Keep Your Friends Close” revealed (via mysteriously obtained video footage) that Ian was Alison’s older crush.

Ian was there the night Alison died. And now he’s back in Rosewood, getting closer to Spencer’s sister? As much as we think Melissa can be a total biatch, we still worry for her safety.

Do you think Ian is Alison’s killer?  And could he also be A?


  1. PLLfan Said:

    Okay, so I haven’t read the books (yet) but i’ve heard about Mona being A and the whole Ali-Courtney thing.
    If you didn’t already know, the TV show is going to be way different to the books. Lucy Hale (Aria) even said so in an interview. Also, episode 13 MIGHT reveal the identity of A. I hope it will.
    Hope that helps guys… =)

  2. sara Said:

    OMG……i’m speechless…..HAHA….XD

  3. Desirae Said:

    i think that ali is still alive

  4. jean Said:

    i think is the blind girl and i also think she’s not blind

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