Pretty Little Liars Hotties Spice up Audi Super Bowl Commercial

Shane Coffey - Audi Super Bowl Commercial 2013Have you ever wondered what happened to Aria’s childhood friend/karate kid Holden Strauss and Hanna Marin’s ex-boyfriend/homecoming king Sean Ackard? For a while, we were worried that all the scary “A” shenanigans had caused these Pretty Little Liars actors to flee from Rosewood. However, it seems like they’ve been living it up in other ways — like, oh say starring in a daring Audi commercial during Super Bowl XLVII!

Yep, that’s right. During the 2013 Super Bowl, both Shane Coffey and Chuck Hittinger popped up in a highly buzzed about ad titled “Prom.” The popular spot features a super cute teenage boy (Shane) in a tux heading to prom without a beautiful girl his arm. He seems a little down that he’s going solo. Before he leaves the house though, his kickass dad tosses him the keys to a 2013 Audi S6, and by the time he arrives at the dance, he’s brimming with confidence — so much confidence that he actually goes straight up to the prom queen, plants on a smooch on her lips, and then gets punched by her angry boyfriend (Chuck). However, a black eye doesn’t dampen the dateless prom-goer’s night — he climbs back into his Audi with a few friends in tow and they cruise around town like the young, carefree lads they are.

Watch the 2013 Audi Super Bowl car commercial below and then drop us a note in the comments telling us what you think of it. (Psst! Click here to find out which other Pretty Little Liars hottie also starred in his own Game Day ad!)


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  3. Brandon Reina Said:

    I think Shane would have Devon and not Chuck. Chuck is mean. Chuck deserves to go to federal prison for punching Shane in the eye. COME ON. VIOLENCE IS NOT AN ANSWER EVEN IF YOU FILL IN FOR SHANE COFFEY OR DEVON BARNES. I think Audi would edit her angry boyfriend out of this commercial and allow the Parents Television Council to re-air it back on TV or allow Devon Barnes to step on Chuck’s foot, pour a drink down his back and ditch him for Shane Coffey. That would be a good idea.

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