Must-Watch Video: Shay Mitchell Reveals Her Favorite Pretty Little Liars Moments

Shay Mitchell shares her top favorite moments from Pretty Little Liars Seasons 1 - 4When it comes to defying the odds and standing strong against the harsh currents of life, it’s safe to say that Emily Fields has the formula down-pat. The Pretty Little Liars character has been forced to rise above and beyond numerous times on the show, and just like Arya Stark, when Death came a-knocking on her front door (or, in her case, crashing through her living room wall) Em remained resolute and uttered, “Not today!” And when Detective Wilden and some atrocious haters tried to bring her down? Girlfriend was like, ‘I’m here; I’m gay; and I’m proud — get used to it!” Then when a creepy bloke by the name of Cousin Nate Lydon James chased her to the top of a lighthouse with every intention of inflicting permanent damage on her? She fought back like the Amazonian warrior that she is. (In case you plumb forget, we’ll always be here to remind you that Emily once killed a guy.) Moreover, when she isn’t facing off with “A,” Emily is hard at work studying for exams, supporting her friends, and trying to make her dream of becoming a champion collegiate swimmer happen (yes, even with a shoulder injury).

In fact, Emily Fields is so fierce and awesome that ABC Family is honoring her top toughest moments from the last four seasons with a special montage. Included in the video are the following scenes: 1. Emily discovering “A” meddled with her cereal and filled the entire box with the first letter of the alphabet; 2. Paige trying to drown Emily; 3. Em and her pals trapped inside of a burning lodge; 4. Em sobbing her heart out after learning that Maya was murdered; 5. Emily coming out to her dad; 6. “A” driving a car right into Emily’s house; 7. Em trapped inside Rosewood High and screaming for her dad to save her from “A”;  8. and Emily kicking Lyndon’s ass in the lighthouse!

“I personally feel that Emily Fields has been a privilege to play because I do think of her as a role model for a lot of our viewers,” Shay Mitchell, who portrays the vivacious character, explains in the introduction. “Not only has Emily come to terms with her sexuality, but she’s also had her share of crazy moments. Here’s just a few of my favorite Emily moments over the past four seasons.” Without further ado, tune into the Emily-themed video below!

What are your top three favorite “Emily Fields” moments on Pretty Little Liars? Sound off in the comments!

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 premieres on Tuesday, June 10th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. Mark you calendars, dolls: This is one television event you definitely don’t want to miss!


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