Spoiler Recap for Pretty Little Liars Episode 2.15 “A Hot Piece of A”: A’s Evil Elf

Hanna and Lucas study on Pretty Little Liars episode 2.15, "A Hot Piece of A."

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SPOILER ALERT: Don’t read this Post or the comments until you’ve watched Pretty Little Liars episode 2.15, “A Hot Piece of A!”

If you thought that the Pretty Little Liars season 2 winter premiere was full of twists and turns then Pretty Little Liars episode 2.15, “A Hot Piece of A,” was an hour long maze of dead-ends and unexplored territory! From Byron’s outburst at Ezra’s apartment to Aria’s friend Holden returning to town to Jenna giving Garrett the boot, “A Hot Piece of A” had enough surprises in it to put a surprise party to shame (which it had and did…sorry Caleb).

But the night’s biggest shocker? Lucas‘ sketchy behavior (“borderline psycho” actually if we’re being honest.) As one of Hanna’s friends, Lucas always made us laugh and seemed totally lovable. After all, he helped Hanna through an economic rough patch in by teaching her how to make cash money on eBay, boosted her queen bee insecurities when Sean Ackard failed to, and he even went as far as to fetch Caleb in the Pretty Little Liars season 1 finale and bring him back to Rosewood.

On tonight’s Pretty Little Liars episode though, we saw a whole different side to sweet, geeky Lucas Gottesman. The drama began when he looked pained at the sight of Hanna and Caleb together and seemed hesitant about helping Hanna plan her boo’s birthday. (For someone who’s supposed to be Caleb’s main bro, Lucas was acting awfully cold and shady!) Then the drama escalated when Spencer and Emily, while volunteering at the Crisis Hotline center, received a disturbing phone call from someone that fit the greenhouse culprit’s description…and they realized that the caller’s voice belonged to Lucas! The girls tried to warn Hanna, but as Lucas’ bud, she refused to listen to her fellow Liars.

Needless to say, *bleep* got real at Caleb’s birthday party. Lucas decided to turn all Captain Jack Sparrow (minus the guy-liner, pirate hat, and humorous charm) and escorted Hanna across a lake (to set up fireworks for Caleb’s birthday party) in a tiny rowboat. [Insert mist, darkness, and plenty of creep factor.] The boat ride seemed harmless at first but, in typical Pretty Little Liars series fashion, it grew terrifying!

Lucas suddenly got this steely look in his eyes (better known as “I’m crazy, girl” syndrome) and, in a flat speaking manner, began apologizing to Hanna about something. However, before he could finish, Hanna’s “A Ran Me Over Once” survival tactics geared in and she gave Lucas a good whack in the back with the boat oar…and he disappeared into the black watery abyss below (otherwise known as a lake). Eerily enough though, Lucas did not resurface.

Lots of viewers are saying that Lucas was involved with ‘A.’ A few are disagreeing stating that at no point did Lucas confess to helping the treacherous texter. Do you think he was or was he about to confess something else to Hanna? Leave your Pretty Little Liars predictions below and be sure to tune in to ABC Family next week on Monday at 8/7c for an all new, extremely suspenseful Pretty Little Liars episode!


  1. Jojogurl152 Said:

    I think that Lucas was trying to commit suicide. I don’t think he worked for A, but I have a feeling Caleb and Hanna’s romance upset him so much he tried to kill himself.

  2. genesis van der woodsen Said:

    maybe lucas is involved being A at some point but how about noel and mona who both appeared wet after hannah resurfaced?. do you think these two guys are also involved?. my mind got more twisted after watching this episode.

  3. Stephanie M Said:

    Hello I don’t know what Lucas was gonna do but am I the only one that thinks Mona & Nohel went for a “dip” to pull out Lucas from the lake….just saying if lucas isn’t A then he knows A. I read all the pretty little liars books when he called the hotline he kept saying if I don’t do this than they will come after me it’s obvious he might have wanted to get rid of Hannah but Hannah caught back. I have no guesses for the show just that it gets better and better every Monday.

  4. Brionna Said:

    I think Mona and Noel are A and they made Lucas try and kill Hannah so they were in the water “taking a dip” (listening in on their conversation) and thought Lucas was going to tell Hanna that they were A so after Hannah hit Lucas they knocked over the boat. But that’s just my guess.

  5. ilovepllbook Said:

    Lucas prob. thinks that Ali’s attitude is still in them becuz Ali was soo mean to everyone in the school!!! But I have a strong feeling Mona is also working for A but thats just in the books soo yeah

  6. ilovepllbook Said:

    oh and I also wanna go with Brionna’s idea

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