Steaming Up Ezra’s Car Windows . . .

Hanna was looking for A, but ended up getting an eyeful of Ezria when she decided to use her binoculars in the woods.

It appears that Ezra isn’t very good at hiding his feelings . . . and that A has a thing for poetry collections. While we didn’t completely get Ezra’s poem, Aria seemed to read his heart between the lines. Ezra’s feelings for her never waned

Hanna was very understanding about Maya and Emily – do you think she’ll feel the same way about Ezria?


  1. Madison Said:

    I think that Hanna will understand but will be kinda weirded out about it!!!!!

  2. Mellisakierstyn Said:

    .A is mona, she found allis journal at maya garage sale

  3. emilu Said:

    A is not mona and why would mona vist hanna in the hospital they are not friends anymore and mona did not go to mayas garge sale for your info i saw every single pretty little liar and i sure you are a LIAR to Mellisakierstyn

  4. valerie Said:

    i guess hanna would understand but idk it seems like hanna was more shocked about ezra than when she found out about maya and emily

  5. Gleelover Said:

    Well, I don’t really want to know what happens because I want to leave it as a mystery.

  6. PrettyLittleLover Said:

    I was reading The Lying Game its amazing and i was looking to see when the next one comes out and apparently i saw sara shepard wants to add 4 more books to pretty little liars #9 apparently is called Twisted !!!! i SO hope its true (:

  7. prettylittlelover Said:

    for a spoiler…..mona is a but then mona is killed when she tries to kill spencer. Then in the last book its revealed that ali’s twin sister courtney is a.

  8. tiamoya Said:

    well to me it seem like ian iz A i mean it is pretty obvious first yah thought it wuz noel but it turnz out ian iz behind the whole thing he chopped down the tree didn’t he he iz trying 2 get back at emily,aria,hanna,and spencer 4 not telling ali their secret noel iz after mr fitz 4 aria he got feelings 4 aria but also he dont want aria with mr fitz………………and yeah he wrote I SEE YOU on mr fitz car but he admitted that he iz not A abd besides he dont got anything against aria,hanna,emily,or spencer Ian do and he trying 2 get closer 2 spencer 2 kill her by marrying her sister marissa and besides they even showed him in her house chasing after aria!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( :):(

  9. lakierra Said:

    well i think that ian is A because and not noel because they even showed ian had a thang going with alison but instead alison told him some thing about the girls that making him want going after them to try to get revenge back of alison

  10. Kaylie Said:

    I think she should understand……..but Its totaly fine if she freaks out its normal just give her a little space:)

  11. C.C Said:

    I hope the rumor is true about book 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Lauren Said:

    I read like idk 3 of the books and i know who the first A. is (you’ll see wat i mean) Im not telling who A. is CUZ ALL THOSE OTHER PPPL R LYING (JK) BUT IM STILL NOT TELLIN

  13. BookLover Said:

    I have read the first four books waiting to go and get the last four. but for you people that just watch the shows and say mona is NOT A. Well your wrong. in the thrid book it tells you that. and in the fourth book there is a new A!


  14. PLL_Lover Said:

    Hanna’s great. She will totally understand…. but might be a bit weirded out and confused at first.

  15. -A Said:

    Books could be different from the show. Who knows? Only I do. -A

  16. victoria Said:

    this show gets better nd better….. i know that Alison is NOT dead she is alive nd countey alison sister is dead nd -A could be ali or someone else …… I THINK IT MIT NOT BE TRUE!!!!

  17. BookLover Said:

    I just finished the 6th book last night. I was so shocked on what emily found when then went to help Aria. I cant wait for my copy of Heartless to get here! I want to know what Emily saw!
    Well it has to been who i think it is!


  18. Booky4books:) Said:

    Dudes. STOP SPOILING IT FOR US… u all r being bitchess!! We don’t need to kno. Thanks but answer the friken question!!! And Hanna is probs kk with it.

  19. Lexy Said:

    A is Mona and Ian nor Toby did not kill Alison. Her twin sister Courtney is mentally crazy and took Ali’s life and Ali got mad and killed her and then got sent to a mental hospital. Everyone thinks “alison” is dead when shes alive.

  20. Dakota Said:

    Don’t reveal the books on here guys! I have read them too and I know whats going to happen also but, I wouldn’t want it ruined for me if I hadn’t. Sure, some people want to know but if they do ask tell them privatly. If you don’t know them they can wait or read the books OR ask someone they DO know. It ruins the surprise for everyone else if you tell the story to them.

  21. Mouseisaliarsfan!!!! Said:

    Hey, I have read all of the books. Mona is A, tries to kill Spencer, falls into a gorge and dies. Then Ian becomes A for a tiny while. He is killed. Then, in the last book, everyone finds out that Ali had a twin sister named Courtney, who was mentally insane and wanted to always switch places with Ali. It turns out that Ali isn’t dead, Courtney is. Ali killed her when Courtney succeded in switching and Ali had to go to an insane asylum. Then Ali tries to kill Spencer, Hannah, Emily, Aria, and Spencer’s sis, Melissa, by burning down the DiLaurntis’s beach house in Poconos. Ali ends up getting trapped in the fire and is killed. THE END!!!!!!!!!

  22. JecaIsAwesome Said:

    I am reading the Pretty Little Liars books, but i have no time to watch the shows… from what i have watched tho it is a lot different from the books… so maybe a lot of stuff will be different.. tho i dont think that they will change the big things like who A is who killed Alison.
    Do you guys know if the season 1 is out on DVD yet????

  23. Charlotte Said:

    Dont spoil it for the others. Jesus. Thanks alot. :I

  24. emspenceariahan Said:


  25. emspenceariahan Said:


  26. Ellie Said:

    How many times do we have to say it !?!? THE SERIES IS NOT LIKE THE BOOK ! They’re changing who A is to keep the suspense !

  27. theREALalison Said:

    I will end Rosewood, by ending four liars first.


  28. luvpll Said:

    to emilu –

    the other girl’z actually rite, atleast in the book.
    the show is a whole lot different from the book

  29. luvpll Said:

    the show bein different frm the book is kinda gud though cuz it would be boring for the ppl that read the book .
    No offense buh i swear ezra luks younger than noel -_-

  30. I Said:

    I LOVE the PLL books and show. As a matter of fact, I’m watching the latest one: The New Normal… I. Love. It. I’m at commercials now but I LOVE the part where she has to get into the shower with Caleb. Got to go! It’s back on!!!

  31. biberlover1 Said:

    stop telling pplz bout the books i waanna still read it soooo yah

  32. Maddiebieber Said:

    guys, in the books mona is the FIRST A. and then she dies. the tv show is really behind. alison killed her twin sister courtney in her place and she is A. erza and aria break up and her dad gets married and has a kid.

  33. A Said:



  34. sdfgh Said:

    god stop ruining the ending!!

  35. Briii Said:

    tbh , idont even know whooo ” A ” is ; i thought it was Allison but some of the stuff ” A ” hadd them doingg was crazy , likee it was crazy how she made Hanna give tht ticket to Arias mom , iWas likee WOW ; &. how would Mona beh ” A ” she nott even i the show likee tht , ithnkk Jenna is ” A ” because she juss making there life bad as hell ! llsss ‘ then she goingg make Hanna ‘ s new b/f spy on her , iwas like D A M N ! lol , icant wait for Hanna to smack those glasses off her face ! thts going to beh soooo funnny ! then we can see whoo she really is ! ahaha , icant wait til Monday . ! Pretty lil ‘ liars Is Tht BST shwty ! <3

  36. Unknown Said:

    Yeah yeah i killed Alison. She was too much to handle. We all know that. But since she’s dead..and you told Ali EVERYTHING than who am I? Better sleep with one eye open tonight liars. -A

  37. Unknown Said:

    OK STOP GIVING OUT SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!! the only good thing that’s going to come out of this is that thankfully the show is different than the books but seriously STOP.

  38. M Said:

    Who is A in the show? I can’t tell if its mona like in the books or not. :(

  39. pll lover Said:

    can you report comments because ive seen these messages i dont find appropriate for this website this website is intended for all the pll fans to get together and discuss the series and the books not for creeps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  41. Belle Said:

    The series is really good, and I bet all of us PLL fans who haven’t read all the books, and know about the ending, would really appreciate it if you would quit spoiling it for the rest of us!!

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