Countdown to Season 2: “The Badass Seed,” ep.118 recap!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "The Badass Seed" - Tensions rise as the Liars take stock of the suspects that surround them, in "The Badass Seed." (ABC FAMILY/RANDY HOLMES) LUCY HALE, IAN HARDING

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars series returns on June 14th. Until then, we’re recapping every juicy secret from Season 1. Are you ready for ep. 118, “The Badass Seed”? Just remember, some badass seeds grow up to be rotten fruits like A.

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 118:

  1. When Ashley unexpectedly returns home and Caleb’s in the shower, Hanna has no choice but to hop in with him to avoid her mom finding out about their secret house guest. On the plus side, she gets a peek at Caleb’s nether-region and the boy is packing some serious abs. Hannakins likey what she sees and this moment fuels their first kiss!
  2. Aria accepts a stage manager role for Rosewood High’s production of “The Bad Seed.” Conveniently, Ezra is overseeing this student play and Aria is excited to spend more time with her man. Sadly though, her excitement gets the best of her and she commits a major faux pas in front of her fellow thespians and calls Mr. Fitz, Ezra. (And the awkward award goes to…)
  3. Ezra may have landed a new gig thanks to potential future father-in-law Byron. But instead of celebrating how she’ll never again have to refer to her boyfriend as Mr. Fitz, Aria’s actually displeased and in a sulking mood. (Perhaps the thrill of getting caught is a major turn-on for her? Who knows.) Well, two can play at this game and Ezra reveals that he’s none too happy with her plans to move to California after high school. Major passive aggressiveness ensues but, in typical Ezria fashion, they makeup before they breakup.
  4. Toby and Emily finally mend their tattered friendship and Toby admits that it was Jenna–not Em–who turned him in to the authorities. (Duh!) They plan for a reunion breakfast, but Toby leaves Emily hanging…to spend more time with Spencer.
  5. Spencer and Toby continue their “who the f*ck is trying to frame us” witch hunt by trying to crack Jenna’s Braille “214” message. In fact, Spencer’s so desperate to uncover the truth that she steals Jenna’s phone and asks Caleb to hack into it. No luck though! Caleb may be the handiest super geek around, but phones for the blind are his kryptonite .

The Big Ta-da: The girls stumble upon a blood-splattered trophy from a golf tournament in Hilton Head. They connect the dots and suddenly the trophy goes from being a harmless theater prop to an accessory in Alison’s murder. (Dream big or go home!) This time though, the Liars don’t leave precious evidence lying around Spencer’s house; they bring it straight to the authorities. Bad move! Turns out that the trophy’s a fake and the blood on it is that of a rat. And right on cue, the Liars receive simultaneous texts: “Rat me out, your blood’s next.” (Silly girls, tricks are for A.)

Would you have turned the trophy into the cops? What was the biggest OMG moment from PLL ep 118, “The Badass Seed”? Tell us in the comments.


  1. toshiwoshi Said:

    1st comment

  2. ME Said:

    Wow this was the first time ive been on the site and this wasn’t there but then i came back to the main screen and it was.

    YES i would have turned the trophy in because hello! There was blood on it and Ians name. Duh. The biggest “OMG” moment was with the trophy. Or the mice at the end when Spencer’s was gone!

  3. Theo Said:

    @ME Creepiest mice ever!

  4. daizyann Said:

    i would not have handed it in, the trophy was in a to ovbvious place

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  6. hdjxox Said:

    All i know is that this season they better tell who “A” is, its killing me.

  7. Naomi Said:

    Yes I would have turned the trophy into the cops. The biggest OMG moment was when the girls found out that the trophy was fake, and when Spencer’s rat somehow dissapeared.

    P. S. My favorite part was when Hanna and Caleb kissed.

  8. Alexa Said:

    Yes, I would have turned the trophy into the cops. (but then I realised that it was in an obvious place) I was like “OMG” when Hanna saw Caleb naked. But that was my fav part too :)

  9. patriciashearer Said:

    i would of took the trophie in plus is there gonna be a nether season

  10. patriciashearer Said:

    my fav part was when hanna called out her dads step douter and mom that was bad a##

  11. patriciashearer Said:

    is there someone who wants to chat about pll with me waz up dudes

  12. patriciashearer Said:

    i wish tobe and ezra would know about “a”

  13. patriciashearer Said:

    it would be so much better and the comrushals about em seeing alisin wow i cant wait

  14. lorisa Said:

    the big omg was was when hanna got in the shower with kalub o ah that was my fav part and i think he should come back

  15. kalu Said:

    i ageree with you and my omg was when hanna got drunk and barft on isebells dress o ya even though thats disgusting

  16. alisa Said:

    i wish a liar or someone eles wold anser my qusttion im bysexxual is that bad or not wat do you think em

  17. lorisa Said:

    wazz up peeps

  18. auseme gall Said:

    hey this myfirst time on here hi lorisa

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