The Final Countdown to Tonight’s Pretty Little Liars Season 2 Premiere!

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "For Whom the Bell Tolls" - The Pretty Little Liars decide to go to an unlikely source for help to put an end to "A's" game. (ABC FAMILY/ADAM ROSE) RYAN MERRIMAN

The Pretty Little Liars series returns tonight, June 14th, on ABC Family! In preparation for tonight’s big return to Rosewood, we’re revisiting the last two revealing episodes,  “Monsters in the End” and “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” Recap all the mind-blowing events that happened on PLL ep.121 and PLL ep.122 below.

“Monsters in the End” OMG Moments:

  1. Caleb and Hanna are still on the outs, but Caleb truly cares for her. He hands Mona a love note and asks her to pass it along to Hanna. Unfortunately, Mona tears that shit up and tells Hanna that Caleb didn’t bother stopping by to say goodbye. Will Hanna find out what Mona did and how will she react?
  2. While helping set up a carnival, Spencer catches Melissa in an alibi predicament. Melissa meets a woman who has her heart on a Hilton Head getaway and Mel tells her the oceanic views are breathtaking. The big uh-oh: The woman’s confused because, according to the Hilton Head brochures she’s been perusing repeatedly, the ocean is on the opposite side of the golf course. This sketchy moment certainly piques Spencer’s suspicions. Were Melissa and Ian ever at Hilton Head or is Melissa lying to provide an alibi for the father of her unborn child?
  3. Ezra is almost caught by a Rosewood cop who drops by his apartment to question him about a student but spies another student (Aria) exiting his place. Luckily, Ezra manages to talk himself out of the sticky situation and avoids a potential arrest. Did the cop buy Ezra’s excuses though?
  4. While waiting in a funhouse for a secret rendezvous with Toby, Spencer is locked in by a mysterious figure dressed in black. She’s freaking out and genuinely terrorized. Conveniently, it’s creepy Ian who sets her free and, right after he does, Toby shows up. Everyone’s suddenly looking mighty suspicious. Was Ian the one to trap her in there in the first place?
  5. Emily finds a key in the vintage snow globe Alison once gave her. She, Aria, and Hanna head to the storage facility listed on the key and unearth a flashdrive. What’s on it? Disturbing footage of their underage selves being filmed in their bedrooms. So, who’s the peeping Tom?

“For Whom the Bell Tolls” OMG Moments:

  1. The flash-drive not only contains videos of the Liars and Alison, but also of Jenna forcing herself on her step-brother Toby (whose bod, btw, is seriously ripped). The Liars pay Jenna a visit and confront her about the incestuous video. She breaks down and reveals that Alison had known about it and had threatened to “bury” Jenna if she ever returned to Rosewood. Is this motive enough to peg Jenna as Alison’s killer?
  2. Apparently, Jenna is in cahoots with Ian and tips him off that the Liars have the controversial flash-drive. Just as we’re trying to make sense of the Ian and Jenna collaboration, we see Jenna meeting privately with another guy–Officer Garrett (the cop the Liars turn to in an attempt to catch Ian red-handed). What is Jenna playing at?
  3. Ezra’s ex, Jackie, shows up at Aria’s house and it dawns on Aria that Ezra lied to her. How so? He applied to work at the same school as his former flame but told Aria that Jackie was far far away from Rosewood. Could trouble in Ezria land mean a love triangle in the making?
  4. Upon picking up Melissa from Reverend Ackard’s church, Spencer and her sis get into a scary car accident and Melissa is rushed to the hospital. While at the hospital, Melissa is distraught and needs to speak to Ian. Unfortunately, she left her cell phone at the church so Spencer goes to retrieve it.  The camera flashes to Melissa’s face for a few seconds. She looks like she’s really focusing on something. Is she just worried about her baby or is she up to no good?
  5. Spencer enters the church and realizes she’s not alone. Ian is also there and when he calls the “blackmailer’s” blocked number, the ringing phone in Spencer’s bag gives her away. In the darkest PLL moment yet, Ian corners Spencer in the church’s bell tower and informs her that he’s going to forge a suicide note for her. Spencer begs for him to spare her, but Ian, looking severely panicked, tells her he’s doing this for the sake of his family. However, before he can kill Spencer, A suddenly appears and shoves Ian off the tower. The last time Ian’s see, he’s swinging from his neck on the bell ropes. Unfortunately though, before the cops can confirm his death, Ian’s body disappears and the Liars are left looking like…well, liars. Is Ian still alive?

After many months of obsessing over all the pretty little clues from the Season 1 finale, we’re finally going to get some answers (hopefully). Which major question are you hoping gets answered on tonight’s premiere? Tell us your most pressing one in the comments and remember to tune in for the ABC Family Season 2 premiere of Pretty Little Liars–right before the series premiere of The Nine Lives of Chloe King–tonight at 8/7c.


  1. PLL-Lover Said:

    first comment! :D
    i can’t wait! yah!! so excited! <333

  2. PLL-Lover Said:

    i think ian isn’t dead. like, he’s probably alive. and hiding somewhere.

  3. -ak Said:

    Like I said, i want to see a corpse before they declare him as dead!
    I wanna know:
    1. WTF is going with this Garret guy?!
    2. Does Melissa lying for Ian? and why?
    3. WHO THE HELL IS A?!!?!?!?!??!!?? THAT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Theo Said:

    @-ak LOL. Yes. A’s identity is definitely a crucial matter!

  5. Sammi Said:

    Since the show is clearly different than the books we are all going to be setting on the edge of our seats trying to figure it out…. I have read all of the books so far ( waiting on Twisted and then book #10 in Decemeber) and I kind of wish the show would have followed them a lot more.

  6. Who is "A" Said:

    I can’t tell whether Ian is dead or not… I mean it might just be A messing with them and A took his body or he and A could be working together maybe? I also really want Aria and Ezra to stay together and Toby and Spencer. I also want Hanna and Caleb to get back together…. I think he could really help them. SO excited for tonight!!!!!!

  7. Jennifer Said:

    I read he books too… Its is so much diffrent! I don’t even know if the A in the book will be the A in the show… We will have to see

  8. What's next?!? Said:

    I really want to found out what happens with Ezra and Aria!

  9. Tori Said:

    I want to know if Ian was really the one who killed Allison and I realllllllyyy want Ezra and Aria to stay togetherr. He’s so hot loll

  10. CantWait4Twisted Said:

    1) I cannot wait.
    2) This show is so messed up.
    3) I cannot wait.
    4) Have the writers of the show even read the book? Ian doesnt murder flies!
    5) I cannot wait.
    6) The pilot BETTER be good… or else. ~A
    7) I cannot wait.
    8) The books are way better but…
    9) I cannot wait!
    Why is it that even though the show is sometimes down-right BAD, its nothing like the amazing books, and has way too many story lines going on… I am still in l♥ve with it and 100% addicted? I cannot wait.

  11. CantWait4Twisted Said:

    btw that smiley face is supposed to be 8.)

  12. CantWait4Twisted Said:

    Oh, and prediction…
    Ian’s working for “A” cause “A” has something really juicy on him… something about him, mellisa, their marrige, and their baby. He told spencer that he murdered ali to scare her so she would be easier to kill. (“A” made him do all this) Ian didnt rlly murder ali. “A” staged ians death cause he backed out of killing spencer at the last minute. ian’s in hiding with “A”. Spencer finds alll this out by finding “A”s fone or Ians phone or Mellissa tell her.


    okayy so i am like beyond pumped for the summer premier.. like these have been the longest months of my life.. pll IS my life.. anyways if ian isnt dead i think i might strangle something.. he HAS to be dead.. and i think melissa is lying for ian… ahhh i cant wait for tonight (: exactly 3 hours and 50 mins left <3

  14. PLLlurver Said:

    i’m so excited 4 2nite! The show is going to be so great!
    My top ?’s:
    What happened to Ian?
    Why was Garret helping Jenna?
    Is Melissa’s baby okay?
    Is Emily really moving to Texas?
    Are Aria and Ezra okay as a couple?
    What’s going on with Aria’s parents?
    What’s going on with Emily and that new girl?

  15. prettylittleliar Said:

    i love Toby Cavanaugh!!♥♥♥♥ for me Spencer and Toby are the best couple…
    i just can’t wait to see what happen with all of them!
    i love how they dress! i love when toby said to spencer that if she needs something he will be there for her…

  16. Sarah Said:

    I read all of the books but it is obviousely a lot different than the show. But, in some ways it is good so we will have something to look forward to.
    1. Who is A!?!?
    2. Is Ian dead and who killed him?
    3. Who killed Alison?
    4. What’s up with Ezria?
    5. Haleb?

  17. AprettyLilLiar Said:

    I must go start my PLL rituals! ;)

  18. CantWait4Twisted Said:


  19. questionmarkpll Said:

    Why are they eating grapes in the new poster? that makes no sense? and we know they didnt kill ali so is there a reason for the shovel or them being covered with mud?

  20. ME Said:

    Monsters In The End question that need to be answered!: 2 & 4 PLEEEZE!
    For Whom The Bell Tolls questions!: 4 & 5 PLEEEZ-ER!!!

    P.S. Did anyone watch Claire Holt (Samara) on H2O as Emma? Love that show! PLZ ANSWER!


  21. emily! Said:

    OK, so who is a ! I know it’s a guy ! but in the books its Mona ……………………………. All I want to know is what happened the night of alis murder??? &
    who the hack is “A”
    is Ali’s sister going to come in the new season!

    ps. sorry if I spoiled something!!!!!
    emily !@@

  22. LovelyLiar Said:

    Okay why was the issue of Hannah knowing who A is never brought up again.

    When hannah gets hit by the car she knows who A is but in the premiere it was never mentioned again

  23. Naomi Said:

    I’m super excited for tonight’s new episode :)

  24. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:

    omg guys… its been like forever

    ok.. i guess im baaaack now… :) for a while, at least… :)


  25. Lucy Said:


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