Pretty Little Countdown to Season 2: “To Kill A Mocking Girl,” ep.103 Recap!

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Are you ready? ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars returns on June 14th. In the meantime, we plan to savor season one, one fabulous episode at a time. Today’s episode is “To Kill a Mocking Girl!” (Oh, and you better believe they’ve got plenty of those in Rosewood.)

5 OMG Moments and The Big Ta-da from PLL Episode 103:

  1. Aria discovers that her father’s leggy mistress Meredith isn’t through with him yet. Moreover, she wants to rekindle their affair and makes it that Aria should back off. (Fatal Attraction much?) Aria is upset and, although she’s never been there before, finds herself at Ezra’s apartment (ah…the power of young love) and he consoles her (sorta).
  2. Spencer kissed Wren in the previous episode. (Well, technically, Wren kissed her but no one’s buying it, much to her dismay!) As it so happens, Melissa happens to walk past Spencer’s room at the exact kiss moment and spies her fiancé kissing her little sis through Spencer’s oval mirror. Naturally, she calls off her engagement to Wren and then dramatically tosses out all her bridal magazines. Drama-rama in the Hastings household!
  3. Hanna tries to seduce Sean again because she feels like celebrating! Her mom has just kicked Detective Wilden out for being the worst house guest (and, yes, lamest investigator) ever. (He rummaged through Hanna’s bag and everyone knows that a girl’s purse is an incredibly sacred possession. How dare he?!) Back to the seduction…actually, that’s it. Sean doesn’t want to do the deed with Hanna yet, even though her dress is tight, her hair is curlier than ever and she’s plumped her lips with some extra glossy gloss. At this point Hanna fears that whether she’s chubby or not, Sean will always see her as the “old” Hanna.
  4. Emily didn’t have a good enough reason to break up with her boyfriend Ben (without coming clean about her true orientation)–until he reveals his brutish ways by trying to force himself on her in the girls’ locker room. Thankfully, he doesn’t succeed because everyone’s favorite lurker, Toby Cavanaugh, charges at him and saves the day! Relieved to get Ben out of the way, Emily ends the day exchanging photo booth kisses with Maya at a party!
  5. Emily is so happy to be in that photo booth with her crush Maya (who, it turns out, is not a Snooki fan, in case you were wondering). Things turn sour though when someone sporting black gloves (really…in this heat?) pilfers their photos. Later, we catch the mysterious photo thief being uber creepy by making numerous copies of the photos and creating wallpaper out of them. Is our thief a complete nutcase or an expert at redecorating on a budget?

The Big Ta-Da: The girl’s go “hiking” through the woods (in heels because that’s the way real Rosewood girls rough it) and they stumble upon Alison’s bracelet laying amongst the dirt and leaves. Coincidence or does Alison’s killer get a kick out of frightening the daylights out of the Liars?

What did you love about Pretty Little Liars ep. 103, “To Kill A Mocking Girl”? Name your favorite OMG moment from this episode in the comments!


  1. toshiwoshi Said:

    first comment :)

  2. toshiwoshi Said:

    there, i’ve made my mark

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  4. Naomi Said:

    My favorite moment is when Emily and Maya kissed in the photo booth at the party.

  5. Carma'sMommi Said:

    omg, i love love love this show. i wish it would come back on already. no matter what im doing or watching as soon as it comes on i drop everything, lol.

  6. LoveToby Said:

    carma’s mommi,
    are u a mother? and lol

  7. cookies n' cream Said:


    you really have made your mark. congrats!


  8. cookies n' cream Said:

    i would say the thing with spencer, wren and melissa was the most scandalous!! dramaaa!! you’ve gotta love it…. (only in pll tho)….it keeps the show going.


  9. LoveToby Said:

    Lol cookies


  10. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:

    @ toshi

    lol… u r sooo hilar….

    haha…. 10th comment!!!

    @ lovetoby..

    i think she mean like Karma…. in that case being like a figurative mother… but i dont know… thats m opinion…….. bc theres no like Carma on this site…

    haha… just put my opinion out there,,,, but yea!

    luv !

  11. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:


    LUV <3

  12. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Correction– it’s DA BOMBB DIGGÏTYY! :D lol

  13. cookies n' cream Said:

    SCANDALOUSSSS!!! srry…thats my favourite word right now!!!!!!


  14. cookies n' cream Said:

    i dont get why they’re so dirty. how does having a secret and being covered in mud relate???


  15. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:


    LMAOOOO!!!! :-D .. haha… laughed so hard when i saw that!!!

    @ cookies

    thats what i think… and haha… scandalous is sucha grrreat word!!! :-D

    like they r burying theyre secrets… so they r dirty bc there r sooo many dirty secrets????

    but.. yea… they still look great covered in mud… :-D


  16. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    YA.. PLS is right.. thats prob why they r covered in mud n stuff…

  17. cookies n' cream Said:


    ooooooh…thanks. that’s a good way of thinking about it. i thought it was more like they’re digging up old secrets…but yea…your thing works too. (its actually a better thought)


  18. PLS Said:

    @ cookies..

    yea… theres more to it.. but i dont have time to type it all out… :-)

    so yea… ill post my full explanation out sometime!!! :-D


  19. maria Said:

    why covered in mud n staffs

  20. susu102 Said:

    omg my best friend has been watching this forever and she always says i should whatch it so i decided to yesterday and now im all caught up love this show lol

  21. Allina Said:

    PLL rocks 4ever

  22. ag baby Said:

    i love it nd i wish u would allow me get the seasons 1-3 on my phone pls.

  23. Alilover Said:

    My fav. OMG moment is when Toby charges at Ben when he tries to force himself on Emily! Go Toby!

  24. Emelie Said:

    1. Spencers dad, he drinks alot(something a likes to do) he is very smart, he stands close to one of the girls, he’s shady asfuck
    2. Mike
    3. Hanna
    4. Caleb

  25. antonella Said:

    tiengo nueva teoria chapuha negra courtheny dilauretins mascaras negro por la ventana junto a una rubia misteriosa

  26. antonella Said:

    mona no estaba en el piso de arriba cuando la chapucha negra entro

  27. antonella Said:

    Alison toby ezra ashey maya bethnay tom emily Aria mona A toby ezra ashley maya B tom Emily Aria m ??? melissa A toby ezra ashley maya B tom Emliy Aria melissa bethnay la gemela de Ali n noel A Alison t toby S Spencer H hanna siiii

  28. Jess Said:

    It was great I loved the whole thing it was the best. Thanks so much for making pretty little liars!

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