Troian Bellisario Talks About Spencer’s Reaction to Toby’s Betrayal: “She Really Has Lost Everything”

If there’s one phrase that fails to accurately capture the state of Spencer Hastings’ (Troian Bellisario) relationship with Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen), it’s “forever and always.” This phrase, which just so happens to be the title of a Taylor Swift song about a bad romance with Joe Jonas, is unfortunately an ironic one where Spoby is concerned. Why? Because once Spencer finds out about Toby’s dirty dealings with the A team (and she WILL find out) things between the two lovebirds are going to turn sour and quickly spiral downhill.

That being said, we don’t know exactly how the rest of Pretty Little LIars Season 3B will pan out, but what we do know is that Spencer is going to really need the support of her BFFs — Aria, Spencer, and Hanna — to overcome the excruciating heartache that Toby’s betrayal will cause her. And just in case you need any more reason to feel terrible for poor Spencer, Troian revealed some interesting tidbits, during an interview with the Huffington Post, about what could very well end up being the worst breakup in Rosewood history. Check out some excerpts below!

  • On Toby’s Reveal: “It was kind of fun! It was fun for me, but I think it was hard for Keegan because Keegan felt so bad all the time about playing these scenes and saying all these really normal, romantic, sweet Toby lines. But it was really fun for me to play into the trap of it and not have to worry about it because I knew the more I got to play into being oblivious, the more fun the realization was going to be.”
  • On Spencer’s Meltdown: “That’s what’s kind of always been interesting about our show is that the girls themselves are not innocent and I think that the lesson of our show is that if the girls figured out a way to tell the truth about all of these things tomorrow, they would probably be in the clear, but they can’t actually own up to everything that they’ve done because it would change everything. It would change the way their parents looked at them. I’m not saying they’re evil or malicious, but they’ve definitely made mistakes — as everybody does — very early in their lives, and they’re still paying for it. This season was the most fun for me to shoot personally because Spencer’s always been willing to go 100 percent to fight “A,” but once the truth comes out about Toby — which, let’s face it, Spencer’s a very, very intelligent girl and she’s not going to stay in the dark forever — she really has lost everything, in her eyes. And when somebody loses everything, they can do anything. So while she does become, like you saw in the trailer, more and more destroyed, she also becomes almost more and more powerful.”
  • On Mysterious and Intense Woodland Scenes: Those scenes are not what I’d call “fun.” [Laughs.] I mean, they were exhausting. I was in a highly emotional state, I will say. And probably, the next day, when we were shooting the sort of morning-after scene, that was really fun because I got to be Spencer in a completely different light. It’s kind of like the phoenix moment because all night, we shot in those woods and it was kind of like her burning herself to the ground and in the morning, you get to see what rises out of the ashes. I think it will be really, really fun for the audience. I think they’ll be kind of worried for a while, but ultimately, it will be really fun.”

Read the full interview here!

So tell us lovelies: What advice would you give Spencer Hastings? How would you console her during this tough and painful time in her life? Drop your recommendations in the comments!

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