Troian Bellisario Gives Chilling Performance in First Episode of Lauren

Troian Bellisario in LaurenAs Spencer Hastings on ABC Family’s hit series Pretty Little Liars, Troian Bellisario has plenty of drama to deal with. Spencer not only has a shady family which includes an older sister who faked a pregnancy, a father with an illegitimate love child, and a mom who’s defending a potential murderer in court — but she also experiences fear on a daily basis courtesy of her personal tormentor known as A. You’d think that slipping into Spencer’s crazy world would tire an actress out but not in Troian’s case. Rather, she seeks out additional challenging storylines and new troubled characters to explore. And in her most recent role as Sergeant Lauren Weil in the scripted WIG’s web series Lauren, Troian does just that.

In this dark story about a soldier who is attacked by her fellow soldiers and reports it to her commanding officer (played by Flashdance star, Jennifer Beals), Troian tackles new horrors as a woman who’s forced to struggle with the repercussions of reporting a sexual assault while remaining loyal to the country she serves. Watch her heart-wrenching and raw performance in the first episode of Lauren below:

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  1. Singer Said:

    you go girl!!!! so happy for u

  2. Singer Said:

    that u got this part..but this girl you’re playing got rape…this is so sad…just watching it makes u wanna cry

  3. rochelle Said:

    Amazing!!!! Love both y’all!!!!

  4. aiza nisar Said:

    Where could I watch more episodes?

  5. Shannon Said:

    I didn’t know she played on pretty little liar until i saw her on a commercial the other day. I had watched lauren on wigs way before seeing her on pll. She is a wonderful actress and i can’t wait for her to do more.

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