Troian Bellisario Takes Fan on a Local Farmer’s Market Tour!

Troian Bellisario - Holiday ShoppingThere are many reasons to adore Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario: She makes us laugh each week as witty Spencer Hastings. She dons the most breathtaking dresses on the red carpet. She has a wonderful sense of humor and the most eccentric taste in holiday music. Plus, she seems like a calm and kind person who appreciates friends, co-workers, and a good photo shoot!

However, we just discovered another reason why Troian rocks — she’s health-conscious and supports her community by doing her grocery shopping at the local farmer’s market! Join Troian Bellisario and 5 Minute Travel on a tour of one of her favorite outdoor LA markets as she regales viewers with produce talk, Christmas shopping, and dueling accordions! (The video is a few months old but it’s so entertaining we just HAD to post it!)

Here are some of Troian’s most L-O-L moments from the video:

  1. “I’m kind of hooked on coffee. It’s just something that has to happen unless you want me to turn into a sea hydra and tear apart the camera. Alright, I can officially do anything now…let’s go save the world!”
  2. “This smells very grassy. That’s how you know it’s good!”
  3. “One of my favorite things in the world is to get my favorite bands on vinyl and just hang out and listen to them. Because…it’s kind of like an activity? You have to listen, you can’t just skip around songs.”
  4. “You can have Olivier’s ENTIRE Shakespeare collection. I need this — who doesn’t need this?”
  5. “So we found the mistletoe and I hope it’s okay if I buy this for myself. I hope that I’m not violating — it’s not like sending yourself flowers on Valentine’s Day Which is totally cool, right? That’s cool. Oh man, I just ottally embarrassed myself didn’t I? Look, turfballs! Quick — something else! Distraction!”
  6. “Every girl needs some mistletoe…even if I’m just hanging out with my dogs.”
  7. “See? Everybody’s having a good time. You get free grapes…everywhere you go!”


What was the best moment from the tour video? Tell us why you think Troian Bellisario rocks in the comments!


  1. Naomi Said:

    One of the things I love about Troian is that she loves to save the world, because it’s a fun and great way to help out and go green! :)

  2. Theo Said:

    @Naomi 100% percent agree with you! I thought the video was awesome and so atypical of young Hollywood! :)

  3. Maddie1199 Said:

    My favs were 1,4,5, and 6 :)

  4. Asia Said:

    she is so awesome I mean she can do anything she sets her mind on I wish I can be like her

  5. SexyGodessMikayla Said:

    I LOVE SPENCER AHHHHH i even made a club after PLL N.A.T. Forever

  6. Cecil E Geron (CHIP) Said:

    I call Troian birthday girl because I seen that her birthday is the same day as mine, October the 28th. That is too cool…

  7. Amiri Bowman Said:

    Troian is such an inspiring person and a flawless actress. she nails the role of spencer better than any one else ever could!!!!!She makes me want to go out there in that big bad world myself an

  8. Amiri Bowman Said:

    be an actress:)if I could meet her that would toats be amazeballs :)

  9. Mardi Said:

    Gosh I really think Troian doesn’t match the book models but thats just my personal say. Everyone else pretty much fits but Ashley Bensons a bit over and so is Shay.

  10. jane't bates-butler(jane't harding) Said:

    omg I love spencer so much!! she is who I want to be just like!!!! you great girl!!

  11. Keke Said:

    wow she pretty too

  12. shontae Said:

    Big fan of Spencer she cracks me up. Love how she stood up for herself no matter wat. Wish I could met so.e of the cast in real life

  13. Hardethayor Said:

    Actually I didn’t know Troian until the beginning of pretty little liars bt since then have always watchout for all activities pertaining to her and I love it ireally adore and respect her personality. *rilly wish we could meet*. Luv ya Troian!!!

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