Troian Bellisario Stars in The Head and the Heart’s Music Video for “Another Story”

Troian Bellisario in "Another Story" - music video by The Head and the HeartWhen the The Head and the Heart, a Seattle-based band, released their debut album in 2009, we were smitten with their melodious fusion of folk and rock, with cuts of synth-pop strewn throughout. Their sound was pretty and haunting and we couldn’t stop listening. Then, when they dropped their sophomore album, Let’s Be Still, on October 15, 2013 we knew these talented guys were the real deal and grew even more obsessed with their beautiful, flowing beats and poetic verses. However, just in case we already weren’t already huge fans of theirs, they made a wonderful decision that solidified their status as one of our favorite bands ever: they cast Pretty Little Liars actress Troian Bellisario in their new music video for “Another Story.”

Let’s begin by saying that Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, and Shay Mitchell have all starred in music videos for various artists, so it’s about time that Troian finally has as well. However, to be quite frank, this video, which was directed by Andrew Hines, is actually more of a short film if anything and deserves numerous accolades! Not only is the cinematography utterly gorgeous (think long, winding roads and softly lit autumnal woodlands), but Troian and her costar Hayley McCune also deliver powerful performances without even saying a single word. Their montages — which seem to be set in the 1950s — are carefree and whimsical: They frolic in the forest. They hold hands. They ride bicycles together. They indulge in a playful photo-shoot that inspires lots of natural laughter. Are they a couple or just good friends? While their characters’ relationship status remains undefined, it becomes apparent from all their interactions that these young women enjoy each other’s company and are very close.

Moreover, the thematic elements scattered throughout “Another Story” are realistic and emotionally-stirring: embracing simple pleasures, falling in love, facing obstacles, and dealing with a terrible loss. It also touches upon the importance of preserving memories and healing in the aftermath of a senseless tragedy, as is empathized towards the end when one of the characters passes away prematurely and the other is left alone trying to hold herself together. Overall, The Head and The Heart’s latest release is a magnificent and artistic feat that has left us stunned.

Hit the “play” button below and get ready to be mesmerized…and ultimately heartbroken.

What did you think of this music video? Did you shed some bitter tears at the end? Did Troian Bellisario give a great performance in your opinion? Post your thoughts in the comments!

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