Exclusive Clip from Tyler Blackburn’s Movie Hiding

Tyler Blackburn's new movie "Hiding"!We’re so glad to have Pretty Little Liars in our lives. Not only are we looking forward to witnessing new A’s vengeful tactics and learning more about Alison DiLaurentis’ mysterious disappearance, but we’re also excited to get our fill of Rosewood’s hottest hacker Caleb Rivers (aka Tyler Blackburn)! Well, if you’re can’t wait until next week’s all new Season 3 episode to stare longingly at Hanna Marin’s cute boo then you’re in luck, because we’ve got an exclusive Ty treat for you. Sneak a peek at a clip from the PLL stud’s new nail-biting thriller, Hiding!

Starring Tyler, Ana Villafañe and Jeremy Sumpter, Hiding is full of suspense, and it revolves around the life of a brave young girl named Alicia Torres, who must cope with much more than typical teenage angst when a crime boss responsible for the murder of her parents hires a hit man to take her down. As a result, she has no choice but to enter the Witness Protection Program – and leave everything she knew and loved behind in New York City. Upon relocating to a small town, she ends up meeting and falling for two completely different guys — Jesse (played by Tyler) who’s an enigmatic artist and Brett who’s as “all-American” as they come.While trying to lead a normal existence in her new school and town, Ana suddenly finds herself fighting for her life.

Basically, if you love PLL’s dark twists and all things Tyler Blackburn, then this movie is not to be missed!  Mark your calenders, pretties because the Hiding DVD & Blu-ray drops nationwide in all retail stores on June 26, 2012.

Are you planning on watching Tyler Blackburn in action as a romantic lead in his new movie Hiding? Tell us in the comments!


  1. Naomi Said:

    I really want to see “Hiding”, I love Tyler Blackburn!

  2. intoning_pisces Said:

    I totally plan on watching this. Tyler Blackburn is in it, although I feel like I might only be able to see him as Caleb… We’ll see.

  3. intoning_pisces Said:

    Okay… So I watched Hiding a couple of months ago… It was terrible! I was so bored till the ending, when finally some action took place! I don’t know if that was the writers’ aim, but this film ain’t going to be so popular…

  4. Dennie Said:

    I just watched this movie on Lifetime. However I missed the last 15 or so minutes of it. Can anyone tell me how it ends. Jo had come home from walking with Brett. The house was dark and she suspected something not right. She grabbed a butcher knife…. that’s when my doorbell rang.

  5. Kimberly Said:

    Only watched this movie because Jeremy Sumpter is in it.

  6. wendy Said:

    could any-one tell me if this movie came out in belgium? because i don’t find it :-/

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