Tyler Blackburn Returns to Pretty Little Liars as Series Regular

Tyler Blackburn as Caleb on RavenswoodRemember that time when Caleb Rivers broke up with his girlfriend, Hanna Marin, in an attempt to keep her safe from a deadly curse and all the ghosts clamoring for his life? Well, unfortunately, Ravenswood was cancelled and we’re still heartbroken, FYI. However, there’s a silver lining: Tyler Blackburn is returning to Pretty Little Liars as a series regular which means that Caleb is returning to Rosewood, home of the Brew and the A. ABC Family recently announced the wonderful news and we couldn’t be more ecstatic!

So when’s the notorious hacker coming back? He won’t be in the PLL Season 4 finale, but don’t worry because he’ll be back early in the show’s fifth season, which premieres on Tuesday, June 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. According to the general synopsis the network provided, Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse) is going to play a major role in the upcoming episodes so it will be interesting to see her interact with Hanna’s on-again, off-again beau.

As for Hanna (Ashley Benson), she’s most likely going to be excited to have her handsome first love nearby. She and Caleb are super-cute together, and they’ve supported each other through a lot of tough ordeals, including when Caleb reunited with the parents who abandoned him as a child and when Hanna’s mom Ashley was framed for Detective Wilden’s murder. “It’s a sweet reunion,” teases executive producer Oliver Goldstick.

As thrilled as we are, his return probably will raise a lot of confusion and questions for Hannakins, especially since she currently seems to be falling for the hardworking, considerate and soft-spoken Travis Hobbs (Luke Kleintank). Travis, who drives a tow truck and came to the Liars’ aid when Em’s broke down near Ezra’s sketchy woodland cabin, bravely stepped up to the plate and served as a defense witness during Wilden’s trial. His testimony helped keep Ashley Marin out of jail and orange jumpsuits for the time being. He and Hanna have even gone on a dinner date and shared a few steamy kisses.

Yikes — what a dilemma! Expect lots of relationship drama is all we can say.

That said, are you glad Caleb is moving back to Rosewood? Do you want him and Hanna to get back together? Post your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Maaike Said:

    Really excited, I hope Hanna and Caleb get back together, Travis is really cute and all, but I love Hanna and Caleb together!! ;)

  2. PLL-Fan Said:

    I really hope that Caleb and Hanna would return together, as they endure no matter what, so the yes! Get back together! You’re a lovely couple.

  3. Hillary Said:

    I hope Hanna and Caleb get back together simply because they are perfect together and they both clearly still love each other. I will be so disappointed if they don’t.

  4. Erica Said:

    Hanna and Caleb are 2 peas in A pod. He has helped her and the liars find out so much information it would be wrong of them not to join forces again and be together till the end! However, if Caleb doesn’t take Hanna back because she’s been with Travis is totally understand. Seriously these girls go through boys like crazy!!

  5. Valentina Said:

    Yes!!!! Of course they should get back together!!! He and Hanna are so cute and you could def tell that they were both heart broken when they broke up! He was doing it to protect her! Not to hurt her!!

  6. Jazz Said:

    Not surprised Ravenswood was cancelled, I love Caleb, so I wanted it to be good, but it wasn’t :( But him & Hannah are meant for each other!

  7. alina elena Said:

    Hanna + Travis :X

  8. Alyssa H Said:

    I want Hanna and Caleb to get back together Bc they are my favorite couple on the show:) I hope Hanna gets back with Caleb, I don’t want her w Travis and Caleb knows about A so why go to someone els who has no idea about A

  9. Amanda Said:

    NO. I’m super pissed that Ravenswood is cancelled, and I LOVE Hanna and Travis together! Now PPL is just going to be flooded with boy drama, and take away from the show. Great, thanks a lot.

  10. Stephanie rivera Said:

    Hanna and Travis !!!! They are super cute toghter i totally rhink they should stay super cute!!!

  11. Amanda B Said:

    Honestly caleb made his decision when he broke up with hanna. So hanna should not go back. Once an ex always an ex give Travis a chance.

  12. Jennifer Z Said:

    I’m glad ravenswood got cancelled.. I couldn’t get into it, I watched the first 3 episodes n just wasn’t hooked. I’m glad he’s coming back to pll though.. Wahoo. Plus he’s really hot. I hope they get back together also !

  13. Ann H. Said:

    I think Caleb coming back is great. I watched Ravenswood and liked it for the most part, but you have to admit it was kinda crazy!!!

  14. Melissa Jordan M Said:

    Omg. So excited that he is returning but I’m kinda sad because ravens wood is cancelled . As said, I don’t think they will get back together .

  15. toni Said:

    Absolutely love me some Caleb can’t wait till he’s back, but don’t think I wanna see them back together I like the Hanna & Travis relationship.

  16. Ariana Said:

    I love Caleb and am super upset when I found out that ravens wood was cancelled :( but I feel Hanna needs a new start. Travis is so cute and so sweet, and helped keep her mom out of jail. Don’t get me wrong I loved Caleb and Hanna together and yes he helped her so much and yes they were an exciting adorable couple, but he should have told her. I think Hanna could have handled it. :) on that note, can’t wait until season 4!

  17. Anne Said:

    Travis and Hannah <3

  18. Amy Said:

    Caleb and Hannah need to get back together!!! It just won’t be the same !’

  19. Amanda P. Said:

    I am Haleb all the way! I absolutely love them together and I hope they get back together and stronger than ever in season 5!

    Travis & Hanna are cute, but Hanna & Caleb have a serious connection that ignites as soon as their eyes meet and that’s not something that happens everyday.

    Haleb & Ezria Forever!!

  20. Cupcake Said:

    No! People don’t have the right to break someone’s heart like that and then come back once they’ve recovered from the heartbreak. I don’t care why he broke up with her, it’s wrong. What would you think if this happened to your daughter or best friend? Would you want them back in they’re lives?

  21. Laurrr Said:

    Cannah forever and ever and ever

  22. Bethany Said:

    I don’t want him to return. I think Hanna should be with Travis!!! <3 <3 <3

  23. adrienne Said:

    No,I am not excited Caleb is coming back! I would like to know what happens in Ravenswood! I think it is crap that people get hooked on a show & then it gets canceled. Can you finish writing the story & at least let the viewers read it so we can be satisfied with an ending??!!

  24. Tawny Said:

    Omfg, Caleb and Hanna are my least favorite couple on the show. I prefer Hanna with Travis, or at least someone else. Seeing them together is getting tiring, and she is finally getting over him ._. Oh well, at least all the little Haleb fans are happy.

  25. Janice Payne Said:

    I’m glad he is returning, but unhappy about being left hanging about what happened in Ravenswood. There should be a movie to tie up all the loose ends and release all the ghost of Ravenswood.

  26. Sabreena Said:

    Yes I want them back together. Hanna is better with Caleb. More important I really really want Ezra back I am a Ezia Fan

  27. Sheryl Said:

    Even though I am a great grandmother PLL is up at the top of the list of TV shows I love the most. I love Caleb and Hannah together. They have so much history together and survived through so much. I think they are soul mates and should be together. Hannah and Caleb always.

  28. Allison Said:

    Hanna and Caleb basically decided they would get back together when he was able to return to her. I think they will! Love their relationship!

  29. alexsandra Said:

    Y ravenwood cancled…I love calab and hanna together that’s what make the show..

  30. Renee Said:

    Yes!!! Please get them back together!

  31. Cathy Said:

    I would love to see Them back together. They are the cutest couples on any series on television.

  32. brittany Said:

    Personally I would be ecstatic to see a Hannah and Caleb friendship rather than a rekindled romance.While I love their dynamic, i would love to see a relationship grow with Travis. We all saw how broken she was when they broke up, i just think that if they are endgame, they will let everything unfold as it should.

  33. Naomi Said:

    Yeah! I think Haleb is adorable! I am a die hard Ezria fan, but I do think that Hanna and Caleb are adorable together and it was sad to see him leave…

  34. Fanzene Said:

    So, ravenswood was not that bad, I really did like the characters, but the show dit not pull me in the way PLL did. Not even close!!! Caleb and Hanna’s relationship did get a bit irritating… Especially in that their lines were “It’s complicated!” Most of the time. Damn that was annoying, but I blame ravenswood for their problems in pll, if that show never existed, they would have been fine. I’ve always been a Haleb fan, from the start. Haleb 4eva. #poortravis:(

  35. Medjina Said:

    I love Haleb ! But now I’m all for Tranna. I know Caleb had to leave but it’s too late. He’s only coming back cause his show got cancelled.
    I like both so I’m all for Tranna and Haleb !

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