Tyler Blackburn’s Alluring Peter Pan Role in Wendy Web Series

Rise and shine, pretties, because big, delicious things are happening all week long! Along with the return of The Vampire Diaries and savory series premiere of The Secret Circle, one of the main-course events is…*drumroll please*…the official premiere of Tyler Blackburn’s Wendy!

As we’ve mentioned before, Wendy is a beautifully shot, modern retelling of Peter Pan, and it stars Pretty Little Liars hottie Tyler Blackburn and Camp Rock’s Meaghan Martin. Meaghan plays the titular character Wendy and Tyler plays a hot, rocker Pete. If you L-O-V-E Caleb Rivers and how sweet he is towards Hanna Marin, then you don’t want to miss out on the fiery romance in Wendy.

Catch a glimpse Pete and Wendy in this exclusive scene:

Sure, the clip isn’t very long but it solidifies one major claim…that Tyler Blackburn is a bona fide heartthrob. Seriously! Who else can take an adventure-seeking, airborne lad (with an affinity for green tights) and give him a dark and mysterious makeover? We really can’t think of anyone except for Tyler and are so glad to see him in such a dreamy (literally) role!

Watch the premiere episode of this steamy web series HERE!


  1. ME Said:

    Haha look at the results. No offense but Pete is very cheesy. They say the corniest lines! “Maybe you just need to believe…” Sorry but stay Caleb! 1st Comment!

  2. Naomi Said:

    I voted for Caleb, he’s my favorite! :)

  3. ME Said:

    WOAH did anyone know that theres a The Lying Game website now? Usually wen u clicked the THE LYING GAME tab up there it just had one page of stuff but now its a whole website and its like identical to this one!

  4. ME Said:

    Theres barely any comments on it so i assume its new.

  5. lalala Said:

    what channel can i watch this show

  6. prettylittleliar Said:

    caleb and pete r da same person days y i sed both of dem wer hot buh if dey werent da same person it wud definetely b caleb

  7. abigail Said:

    they both r really hot but i vote for caleb

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