Unbelievable: The Hastings’ “Good” Lie

In PerfectSpencer finds out from Mr. McAdam (aka “Squidward”) that she’s been named a finalist for the Golden Orchid award. Her parents are thrilled – that is, until “A” messages Melissa with the opening lines of the paper and the Hastings family discovers that Spencer plagiarized her entry.

In Unbelievable, Spencer’s parents decide not to tell anyone she cheated. Instead, Mr. and Mrs. Hastings insist that Spencer continue on in the Golden Orchid selection process. The decision doesn’t sit well with Melissa, and Spencer feels incredibly guilty for plagiarizing her sister’s work. Still, the Hastings family would rather lie than get caught up in another scandal and place Spencer’s academic future in jeopardy.

Do you agree with the Hastings’ decision? Is there such a thing as a “good” lie? In what situations do you think a lie is justifiable? Tell us what you think!


  1. LoveToby Said:

    first comment and whats up w all the new posts???

  2. LoveToby Said:

    I think they should do that but punish Spencer because if anyone found out SPencer’s academics would be horrible and she wouldnt get into a good college

  3. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Lol too lazy to respond but yah. Loads new posts.

  4. Poop Said:

    No way. First she should tell about it before it becomes to big of a shock, 2nd, really? Is that even a question? They are putting load of more guilt/pressure on Spencer. Not to mention the shame if she won. (Ik, I dont want to spoil it for the non readers)

  5. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Lmao. :) @Poop. :)

  6. Aria's twin Said:

    no way. i dont think that there are really any times lying is good. only if your life depends on it.

  7. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    ı αвšøłυтełч αđøяe чøυ…чøυ κиøω ıтš тяυe… вυт ωħчч؟ ωħeи ıт ¢øмeš тø łøνe, đø чøυ иøт gıνe вα¢κ тøø؟ чøυ ρяøвαвłч łıκe тħe ρøρυłαяš, øиeš ωıтħ šħøят κıłтš αиđ ¢øłøυяfυł вяαš, αиđ αłтħøυgħ ı тяч, ı мαч иøт вe αš ρeяfe¢т. eνeя. вυт ħøρefυłłч, øиe đαч, ı’łł fıиđ α gυч łıκe чøυ, ωħø łıκeš мe тøø

    XOXO BrainyChild :)

  8. Aria #2 Said:

    Theres no way I agree with the Hastings’ decison. If Spencer wins she gains all this fame for plagarizing her siseters paper while Melissa gets nothing. It’s not the least bit fair. I think that Mr. and Mrs. Hastings are way to concerend about image and letting the info about Spencer leak would make them look bad

  9. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    lol that was randomness.. btw..

  10. sarahpot Said:

    PLL, is one of my favorite series ever. ders a lot if twist… my mind is always working because of this series,im always thinking who really killed allison, who is jenah, wat is her role in PLL wat is her relationship to allison, to hannah, to spencer, to aria, and to emily, why she’s doing dat.. who’s the real -A.. and who is MONA? is she and jenah are friends??

  11. PLL-Lover Said:

    I think that they should have withdrewn her from the competition, not admitting that she cheated, but just quit the competition and kept quiet. That’s what I think. No such thing as good lies.

  12. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Yes. The overall result of all this kinda backfired. (SPOILER-ish) but honestly, what I hate about it most, is that throughout this whole thing, spencers parents supported the lie. Which they know is wrong. And Spencer, she did the wrong deed in the first place, not only cuz she didn’t have time for this, but because she also personally probably felt the need to be as good as Melissa and possibly better. I don’t applaud Spencer in this decision, but I do indeed applaud Melissa for her quick response after she found out it was her essay that Spencer was using. Melissa was quick to brag to her parents and was also quick at getting Spencer into a tight fix. She said,” oh you can have my essay, just WIN spencer!” with batting eyelashes, but inside, I’m sure all the hate was stirring inside her.

  13. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Sorry, I forgot my signature … :)
    That is indeed me.
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  14. Hanna's #1! Said:

    omg BrainyChild! How did u make a signature like that. It’s totally hip! :)

  15. Kaela Said:

    OMG!! Im so happy theyre blogging about the books! (which are so much better than the show, in my opinion). I think that the lie was a good one because if she told the truth none of the teachers, especially Squidward, would have ever trusted her again. She is like number one in her class. Maybe two because of Andrew Campbell. She needs the teachers to like her.

  16. Kaela Said:

    But i also agree with you, it was wrong for the Hastings’ to lie and have gone along with it.


  17. Theo Said:

    You make excellent points! Spencer has put herself in such a jam!

  18. Theo Said:

    Sibling rivalry sometimes gets the best of us so I can understand Spencer’s need to outshine Melissa. I agree with you though – if I was Melissa I’d be incredibly upset. It’s such a sticky situation!

  19. Theo Said:

    You should join us for our tweet chat on May 8 for Unbelievable (Book 4)! We will be discussing Mona for sure – so much happens in regards to her character in this book!

  20. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:

    @ brainychild

    lol… yea… and im reading the books now :-D

    luv <3

  21. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:

    @ theo

    r u fur real a pll.com like moderator…

    if soooo… cool job :-)


  22. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    :) lol Yeahh
    @ Theo
    HOW do I sign up? For your job? :p btw I call dibs cuz I asked first. Loll :)

  23. Pretty Little Spongebob Said:

    @ brainychild

    noooo waaaaay!

    @ Theo


  24. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    LOL @PLS


    @Hannas #1
    I dont know which post you posted upon, regarding how much you liked my signature, but THANKS!

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  25. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    @Hannas #1
    Oh you posted it here!! Gotcha ;) LOL

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  26. Naomi Said:

    I’m not sure if I agree with the Hastings’ or not. Because only read the first book and I’m gonna read the 2nd book pretty soon.

  27. Theo Said:

    Yes I am! :) I have now joined the team and am so happy about writing for the site and reading all you great comments everyday. These books (and the show) are amazing!

  28. Theo Said:

    I think other times lying is okay is if it will spare someone’s feelings. Example, “Does my new haircut look whack?” I would hope a friend would not be blunt, even if she did not particularly like it. I agree with you about the rest of the times! :)

  29. Theo Said:

    pure enthusiasm for the books is all! :) Glad to have you here!

  30. Theo Said:

    Totally agree. Yikes! What a stick situation!

  31. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    So wait, how do I apply for the job? LOL :) Seriously…
    χσχσ вяαιηуcнιℓ∂ :)

  32. brooke Said:

    @sarahpot: You must be early in the series to not know who Mona is. And you spell Jenna wrong.

  33. brooke Said:


  34. Lexy Said:

    Yes. Absolutely! Put Bella on PLL!

  35. Anonymous Said:

    no it’s stupid

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