Who is A? 20 Amazing Pretty Little Liars Fan Theories

Fan theories on "Who is A" on Pretty Little Liars

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If there’s one question we’re constantly searching an answer to, it’s this one: Who is A? The prime Pretty Little Liars mystery continues to ail our every time waking moment. It’s no secret that the ABC Family show raises a lot of intrigue and suspicion with each clue-filled episode. And by doing so, it spirals further into super sleuth mode.

Luckily, we’re not alone in this side hobby of ours. We took to Twitter as @LittleLiars to ask viewers of the beloved series to spill their biggest “A” theory. Check out 23 of our favorite — and some of the most entertaining ones — below.

What’s your most random and humorous theory in the whole PLL ‘Who is A’ debacle? Hit the comments with your most amusing creations!


  1. olivia donathan Said:

    I think A has sent a lot of people to do its dirty work and now he or she is coming out this season. #liars

  2. mallory Said:

    So, what? Not a single person who watches the show, read the books? Oh wait, this is America. Silly me, people don’t read anymore! :)

  3. Siearra Said:

    I think Noel is A. If anyone was paying attention to the season finale of season 4 when Ali and Noel were reunited with the liars he seemed awfully shady and secretive. Also, I think he said he did have a secret. It makes a whole lot of sense!

  4. marisa Said:

    A is Jason. Jason,, thats the reason alis mum buried her to protect Jason because she knew he was going through a bad time with drugs, Jason was friends with Melissa and ian, we find out in the last episode that ian is still alive so Jason must have saved him who else would have found all of alis secret diaries who else would have known about the secret hiding places in the house better than Jason. He also lied about being in the rehabilitation center.

  5. Amanda L. Said:

    @marisa: how’s that logically possible, that Ians’s still alive? “A” killed him (in the 2nd season), making it look like he’d committed suicide, remember? the recent finale showed how Ian mysteriously disappeared from the bell tower, but it never once disputed Ian’s death, a few episodes after the bell tower episode. unless “A” has some type of Frankensteinian Lazarus type machine, to bring Ian back from the dead, I do not see how it would be logically possible that Ian is still alive. js.

  6. leslie Said:

    Obviously A is Dan Humphrey, and Rosewood is the Upper East Side of Suburbia, and this whole show is him trying to write a sequel to his first novel “Inside”. Since Gossip Girl is dead, he had to find new people to torment. Shout out to all my Gossip Girl fans out there.

  7. Arianna Said:

    A is Mike Ahahahahahahaahahha

  8. Morgan Said:

    Mallory if you have read the books you would know that the show is NOTHING like them. So shush lol

  9. Rachael Said:

    I don’t know who big A is but I definitely think Mike is the masked person on the rooftop. He just walks like him and seeing as Mike has had run ins with the law he would definitely be able to pull off getting away like that.

  10. Jordyn Said:

    @Mallory the producers have already previously stated that they are not going along the same lines of the book…

  11. leo Said:

    A is Ali’s evil twin

  12. A Said:

    You will never guess who I am bitches. Sleep tight-A

  13. A Said:

    All of the people can be A, because every episode one bit of the truth is coming closer and we think it’s Ezra, than Aria, than Mona, than Hanna… But I think no one of the 4 girls is A. Ezra either. We know, Mona is/was a part of the A-Team (Season 2 – Episode 25). A is not a person, A is a Team. But it can be, that Alison has a evil twin, which comes at the end. We don’t now. There are so many Reasons, why Aria is A, or Spencer, or Jenna…
    It’s like you are starring at a black wall.

  14. tori Said:

    omg i love this show and it is so hard to find out how is A

  15. tori Said:

    omg i am so in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with pretty little liars
    i cant wait to find out who is A

  16. Aviana Said:

    A is actually Alison! Alison have a twin that nobody of her frikendes know. And she killed her own sister!!!!

  17. itty Said:

    whoever A is all i know is that at end we will all go omg!!!! with mouths wide open

  18. kristie Said:

    its Shana i pretty sure it is she was almost in every season

  19. Sebnem Said:

    I think Aria’s brother Mike is involved.

  20. Phoebe Sloan Said:

    A is Aria, she’s ‘big A’ she has a mental disorder, just like her uncle. She doesn’t realise she is A because of the disorder. She is both A and Aria. Notice how nothing extremely bad happens to her or her boyfriend Ezra? It happens to the others, why not her??

    Because she’s A – plus there are heaps more theories and spoilers and things to back it up.

  21. jessielee Said:

    i think A is Aria the writting and she has loads of phones and ezra has a typewriter in his apartment she proborly used that but aria didnt kill mona because mona died when she hung up on aria

  22. Anonymous Said:

    i think it’s a big group of them, but i’m trying to find the big one

  23. pll biggest fan Said:

    I think A is beathany young because she could be faking her death like Allison did and following them around.Also on the Christmas special we saw someone walk behind spencers house it could have been beathany pretending to be ally. Just so all the fans would think it is ally that is why I think beathany is A

  24. Jessica Said:

    The books are soo different im on book 10 and so far a has been Mona and Ali but the story lines are so different I can’t even decide who a could be in either the show or the books. Although my thoughts are that in the show it is Ali and cece. It’s definately more than one person getting the info on he girls but there has to be one person in charge of it all

  25. Ali Said:

    I know it looks odd that I’m posting as Ali, but that really is my name. Anyway, I have three things to say:

    1). A is not a dream or a simulation. The writers of the PLL show (not the books, the books are really poorly written) know not to end a story with “and then I woke up.” Why? Because it was clever the first time, and it was clever the second time, and it was just plain cliche and annoying the one millionth time.

    2). A is some one who was in a helicopter the night of the Jenna thing, flying above the liars. Not quite sure what A’s reason is in this instance. But anyways, A then blackmailed Ali with the Jenna thing to learn the liars secrets and blackmailed Cece with something to learn Ali’s secrets.

    3). A is Veronica Hastings. I mean thing about Veronica would do anything to keep a Hastings secret and she is a really good lawyer so she can get around many legal things, due to being a lawyer she probably knows what to hide to cover her tracks. Imagine this: Spencer learns some big Hastings secret and Veronica worries she might tell so Veronica plays the role of A to keep Spencer from telling thinking she might have told the liars she goes after them too. We already know Ali knew about Peter Hastings’ affair so that could be reason enough to play A in that case.

  26. Amy Said:

    Lol. People are REALLY creative.

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