Who’s Your A Today? Suspects Based on Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 15: “She’s Better Now”

Sure, there are times when we wish that Marlene King and the Pretty Little Liars writers would just tell us who A is already! However,we resist the urge to beg for answers, because where’s the fun in that? We’re dying to figure it out all on our own, and understand that we definitely have our work cut out for us after the super twisted and suspenseful PLL Season 3 winter premiere. Challenge accepted!

So who exactly is ‘Big’ A on the show? Based on Pretty Little Liars Season 3, Episode 14: “She’s Better Now” here are today’s top suspects:

Lucas Gottesman

Was that Lucas skateboarding so late at night? (We think so!) More importantly, why was Toby trying to run him down? Although we adore Lucas and really hope that he's not involved with the A team, his limp is telling us that he's up to some mischief just like everyone else. (Also, how did he know about Mona sneaking in and out of Radley? Sounds like he has some serious insider scoop.)


Jason DiLaurentis

If Jason isn't a part of the A team, we'll be mega shocked. Why? Because he cozied up to Mona in the winter premiere episode AND was spotted with a suspicious-looking wound on his body -- sort of like someone had stabbed him with a screwdriver...


Byron Montgomery

Judging by the flashback scene that took place in his office, Byron had some bad blood with Alison on account of her blackmailing him for having an affair with his student, Meredith. Although he's a father and Alison was his daughter's BFF, we wouldn't put it past him to have hurt Ali to preserve his family's dignity as well as his own reputation. Plus, when Aria confronted him about it, he got a sudden case of crazy eyes!

Vote for who you think A is below and feel free to share your own theories in the comments!

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  1. hannabanana1 Said:

    I think Lucas. because why Byron should it do. He is a dad of Aria. And Jason is a member N.A.T club but it could be interesting and exciting if Jason kill his friends of N.A.T club.

  2. amjdfan1 Said:

    I refuse to believe Jason is associated with “A”! How can he be Aria’s attacker who she stabbed?! Didn’t he used to have feelings for her? What happened with that? He is more age appropriate and is involved in what’s going on with her and her friends. They’re both searching for answers. I hope he proves to be a hero.

  3. iluvtigger22334 Said:

    its hard to say who it is. i think it is jason that is with A. i also think Lucas is involved because he talks to mona also. And Some how they all are connected to Allison
    -Katie ;P

  4. pandabearlover55 Said:

    I think it is Byron because the way he was easdropping on Aria . And , because of when he was with Alison the night she died .

  5. intoning_pisces Said:

    I’m not certain, but I feel like Jason’s feelings for Aria are real. I don’t think he would do anything to hurt her.

  6. Prettylittleliarsfreak Said:

    I think that it was Lucas because in the Halloween epesode he was hurt on his foot … Aria stabbed someone the night when she was put in the box ??? Idk but Alison is dead right??

  7. Aaron Said:

    Mmmmm…. my A suspects r not in this one. but then prob… Lucas. Cuz he did dig up Ali’s grave right? ( i mean memorial) so maybe… but then otherwise maybe Jason.

  8. emily moore Said:

    i think that its toby and ali always said that he was a perv and stared in the windos at night . so mabe he got tierd of it did some thing about it .just saying that hes probly just going out with spencer to find out what their plans are>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Eilla Mae Said:

    If Jason was the one Aria stabbed, he wouldn’t have been on the train when the police were investigating what happened to Aria. We found out it was Wilden. But, Jason DOES have a suspicious looking stab wound above his waist. We don’t know how we got it, but it is VERY suspicious-looking. We don’t know who the body in the woods was, just that it wasn’t Toby, or Jason. So maybe, it was Lucas. We haven’t seen Lucas since the body was found, so it was probably him.

  10. Eilla Mae Said:

    *When they were investigating Garrett’s death.*

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