Who’s Your A Today? Clues Based on Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 12

We’re changing things up for this week’s edition of “Who’s Your ‘A’ Today“! Normally, we’d focus on clues and suspects from the latest Pretty Little Liars episode which happens to be episode 2.21, “Breaking The Code.” However, when Pretty Little Liars director Norman Buckley recently tweeted out the following nugget of info we knew we had to head back to the good old days of season 1:

@ there's a big old clue i put right in front of everyone's nose in episode 112. no one spotted it.
Norman Buckley

If you recall, Pretty Little Liars episode 1.12 is called “Salt Meets Wound.” (A just loves.kicking a pretty girl when she’s down.) And because we adore you all and are as eager to unmask Rosewood’s most vicious texter as any Pretty Little Liars viewer out there, we re-watched the episode (TWICE) to look out for subtle clues. Here’s what we deemed suspicious:

1. Whereas Sean gifted Hanna a regular teddy bear, Lucas gave her a stuffed toy panda bear at the hospital when he visited her after her scary hit-and-run. When she returned home from the hospital, Hanna didn’t have Sean’s bear but she had Lucas’! She placed his panda bear on the counter inside her kitchen, which is where she happened to find the best box of spaghetti ever (stuffed with wads of cash money)! And what happened immediately after she did? ‘A’ sent her a text about her mom’s little “loan”…which gets us to thinking. WHAT IF THERE’S A SPY CAM HIDDEN INSIDE ONE OF THE BEAR’S EYES? Ahh!

Stuffed toy panda bear - Pretty Little Liars episode 1.12

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

2. After spotting Aria making out with their English teacher at Mona Vanderwaal’s GLAMP fiesta, Noel Kahn decided to use this information to his advantage. So what did he do? He approached Mr. Fitz after class and blackmailed “encouraged” him to change the grade on his mediocre essay from a C to a undeserved A. So why did this moment make us do a double take? Because of the way Noel signed wrote out his ‘A’! (That and the fact that he was raiding Hanna’s “Carb Cabinet” at her surprise party and holds a grudge against Alison for breaking him up with his middle school lady friend…) It looks oddly similar to the one scribbled on all those menacing notes sent to the Liars. Check it out below!

A's handwriting compared with Noel Kahn's

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

3. Although there’s nothing at this point to tie him back to Alison DiLaurentis, the blackboard in Ezra Fitz’s old classroom is filled with literary notes and themes from The Great Gatsby (which just so happens to includes a hit-and-r…all written in capital letters which something A is renowned for. There is no such thing as lower-case in A’s world of secrets and death threats.

Ezra Fitz - handwriting on blackboard on PLL episode 1.12

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

4. While grabbing coffee with her Detective Olivia Benson look-alike mom, Spencer spies a photo on her mom’s phone of Melissa and Ian on their honeymoon. Except, Spencer remarks that it doesn’t look like the newlyweds are living it up at all…more like loitering outside her dad’s law office actually! Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Why would Melissa pretend to be away when, in fact, she isn’t? (Additionally, how funny is it that Mrs. Hastings said “speak of the devil” when her eldest daughter buzzed her. Just saying.)

Spencer Hastings - Checking Melissa's honeymoon photos in episode 112.

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars

That’s all the potential ‘A’ connections we made for now. However, sometimes when you’re looking too hard for something you tend to overlook it. While watching “Salt Meets Wound” did YOU happen to notice anything out of the ordinary on Pretty Little Liars Season 1, Episode 12? Leave your observations in the comment section below!

Think you know who ‘A’ is? Discuss your top secret ‘A’ theories in the Pretty Little Liars fan lounge!


  1. Maddie1199 Said:

    Does anyone know where i can watch full episodes for free and without downloading them?

  2. ezra18 Said:

    Abc family

  3. Allison Said:

    Oh for god sake dont you get is Sara shephard is craaaazy.
    She is the one writing the story.
    Suggest you all watch Misery.
    They are tormenting you for sheer amusement.
    Your phones are tapped.

    It’s not me. Everyone just wants you all to shut up be nice and get on with your lives.

  4. Allison Said:

    Our teachers hated us. End of story. My workplace is evil. Marlene king is my ex colleague. They run the entire city.

  5. Allison Said:

    Marlene adams created the Addams family, that’s how long she’s being playing these games.
    They are the richest most powerful family in the country. Don’t even bother trying to fight back.
    They are in the premiers pockets.

  6. Spencer Hastings Said:


  7. VivianDarkBlume Said:

    Its a big chance that A is EzrA, I love his character to death but if you look back at older episodes the clues point to him and he had a big part in episode 12 season 1 anyway that’s my theory .I love the show and cant wait till the day we figure out who A is. Like the great A once said its not over yet B****
    Kisses -A

  8. Claudius Planglines Said:

    If you think bout it, in episode 10 or earlier the girls are all sitting at a park bench and blocking “A” on the Spencer’s computer. When they get a note from “A” that blew to them, then Ezra rides past !!! Hint Hint.

  9. kirsty Said:

    I think that Aria is A as there are a lot of clues and rumors that actually make sense and we find out in season 4 that Era was writing a book. Aria might have been adopted and is the twin that killed her sister and she has a multiple personality disorder and the whole A thing only started when Aria got back to rosewood. I also don’t think that she wasn’t in Iceland she was in radly and that’s why Eddie Lamb recognized her and Aria acted all shady then.

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