Who’s Your A Today?

Sure, there are times when we wish Sara Shepard and the PLL producers would just tell us who A is already! But we resist the urge to beg for answers, because we’re dying to figure it out ourselves. Aren’t you?

Based on PLL Ep 115: “If At First You Don’t Succeed, Lie, Lie Again,” here are today’s top suspects:

  • Spencer Hastings – We hate to point fingers, but we all know she’s a Little Liar!
  • Ian Thomas - The fact he was cheating on Melissa with Ali makes him guilty in our book.
  • Jason DiLaurentis – Ali’s cute but creepy older brother is definitely hiding something.
  • Paige McCullers – Did you see the way she dunked Em in the pool? Psycho!

Who’s your A today? Share your theories in the comments.


  1. Stephiwuzhere Said:

    U won’t know about alis sister till the end of wanted

  2. luannanumber1fan Said:

    i know it sounds crazy but i think on the show ezra will be A. if you really think about he is like the only character other then the liars that has been in every episode. he also teaches at the school where a lot of there messages happen to be and he always seems to be at the dances and stuff like that, and with aria even though A tries to threaten hanna to tell it always seems to work out in his favour like it did with noel. i know it sounds crazy but i kinda think its him. or ian :P

  3. lex1920 Said:

    does it not bug anyone that the tv show is completely opposite from the books? i mean like its not going to be the same but the only thing they have in common right now is the girls names.

  4. JLO Said:

    I think it’s Mona. Because she’s with Hanna a lot and the messages seem like they’re from a bratty popular chick like her. Also, if you watch one of the earlier episodes when Aria sees her dad’s affair, they see Mona when she was a dork right before, right? She could have easily seen what Aria’s dad was doing.

  5. AnnaMarie Said:

    @lex1920 I totally agree!! I sometimes regret reading the books first it’s just that different! I guess the only upside is we know who A is. HAHAHA!! If they decide to change who A is in the end I will blow up.

  6. Stephiwuzhere Said:

    Ya me too!! The show is so different it’s like why did I even read the books how much more are they going to change?? If there even is anything more to change

  7. Bailey Said:

    @Anyone who bought the hard cover of Wanted, if you take off the cover, do you guys have an A message printed on the actual book too? Mine says “Be careful what you wish for. -A” How about you guys?

  8. kk2 Said:

    I would have to say paige, but SPOILER ALERT: it’s not, A is….

  9. Mike n Jason= hotties:) Said:

    @ stephiwuzhere.
    I TOTALLY AGREE. WTH? Stop it. Whatever kaylee said is a complete spoiler. GLAD U STOPPED TYPING. DONT SPOIL. KAY? You have no right to spoil it for others;)

  10. Stephiwuzhere Said:

    @bailey: mine is the same it was cool i was like woah thats neat!! @Mike n Jason=hotties:): Thanxx!! I hate when ppl spoil it drives me nuts!!!!! @Everyone: when are they going to say who A is?? the real A!!!

  11. Mike n Jason= hotties:) Said:

    @stephiwuzhere: yeahh.. i wanna knowwwww!! This is… ugggghh! Y cant they tell us? it getting kinda irratating cuz it wasN’T EVEN THT HARD WAITING FOR a IN THE BOOKS… LOL ..

    @Everybody: HEEY .. I WONDER WHATS THE HAPPS WITH ARIAS PARENTS?? ohh sory about caps.. lmaoo:P i wudnt get back together cuz arias dad cheated.. but still.. if hes genuinely sorry.. and he loves her.. backk… maybe.. hbu?

  12. #1 PLL Fan Said:

    I think it is Paige or Mona o and this is one of my favorite websites because I loooooove pll im like the biggest fan ever thier number one fan and I know more about it than a lot of people cuz I love it but could people plz stop pretending to be -A thanks, o and my second favorite is http://selenagomezinformation.webstarts.com/index.html so u should always go to both these websites their awesome!

  13. Amber Renee Said:

    I think A is Jenna. I think that she got her sight back but never told anyone. She always seems to know who is walking past or standing right beside her even if they dont speak. I think she hates all the girls because i think Alison told her that it was the 4 of them that caused the accident and not her. Her and Ali were probably a lot closer than anyone knew. I also think she is the one framing Toby because he broke it off with her and now shes pissed! A is Jenna! Shes not blind but nobody knows that but her. I also believe that she has an accomplice because its all too much for one person to do. I just havent figured out who it could be yet.

  14. Maddie Said:

    Caleb has something to do with it…definitely. It’s not Mona, she’s barely in PLL anymore.

  15. Amina Said:

    A is Courtney. D and Ali . D Killied courtney and ali isnt the real ali its courntey the swithced places the ali killed her so sad then ali the real one trys to kill the liars buth then there is a big fire and the girls escape but what happened to Ali I dont know who dose read Twisted To find Out-A

  16. Amina Said:

    Caleb Helped Mona Block Her Phone I think it fits dosent it.-A

  17. -A Said:

    My little clone do a job .. bad ,awful
    what do you do?
    why try to impersonate you’re not ..
    I’m real “-A” which will give clues in the song “Secrets”
    I’ll catch all
    one by one
    and I’ll destroy all
    Liars season has been opened
    And I’m hunting
    and is an expert on killed by false
    :-) )
    Carefull girls
    I’m armed


  18. Allison D Said:

    Mona Vanderwall then Ali. Courtney is the one in the grave why do we keep going over this lol

  19. iamabeast! Said:

    HOW COME EVERY1 IS SPOILING IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE WANNA LEARN FROM THE SHOW OR REAAD THE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP RUINING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEOPLE RUINED IT 4 ME TRUST ME IT ISN’T THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Mike n Jason= hotties:) Said:


  21. Mike n Jason= hotties:) Said:

    And it’s not just her… Kk it’s random other ppl. Stop little girls!

  22. Mike n Jason= hotties:) Said:

    Also. Let’s just talk about PLL show. It limits spoilers. Please.

  23. Alison DeLaurentis Said:

    there is 2 mny suspects tht i hav no clue who it is but it cnt be paige because wat wud she hav on courteney or allison???

  24. Mike n Jason= hotties:) Said:

    There isn’t a courtney in the show. There is in the books but let’s not confuse them.

  25. Air Said:

    Ok, so i’m just want to say something about the last episode. When emily tells aria that she can have the gift crazy pagie gave them. How does A know that Spencer will be the one to show up. The old lady said that she mad the braclet like what 6 months beofore? I’m wondering whats going with that. I know alot of people have read the books. I have even. butthey always do these…twists. We all know paige is crazy as a mofo. Thats been said alot. I just don’t get the fact that 6 months before spencer bought the braclet. It’s not adding up. Well, Right Now at least. How Did A know for a fact spencer was gonna show up. Unless she gave the old bat pics of all the girls had her know there namse. Or heard them in the lunch room. Then ran to the old bat. I have many theories. It’s just making sure there right. :/ It’s just like this…Kid that can make your cell phone super awesome! WHO THE HELL IS HE?!?! It’s Like What are they doing!?!

    Oh! an whoever is pretending to be A, YOUR FUCKING RAH-TARED! Js. :D

  26. izzy :) :-* Said:

    seriously y would u pretend 2 b a thats just stupid…. ans the SPOIOLER ALERTS like really come on ppl if u really wanna kno who a is look at wikepidia or read the f***ing books… like come on…. >:[

  27. ryan Said:

    Air. we don’t even know for sure that it was ‘6 months’. YES the old lady told spencer that she bought it six months ago. but at the end of the episode shes talking to A and shes saying ‘ i told her exactly what you said. ‘ it could be a lie made up by A to cover her tracks.

  28. -A Said:

    be as you say
    But I will say
    Take it how you want
    Behind guarded
    for I will always be one step ahead of you


  29. Gabsmonstah Said:

    I completely think it’s Jenna, I don’t even think she’s blind. How else would she always know which girl is where? and I didn’tt read the books ’cause I’m too into the TV series to ruin it.

  30. Izzy Said:

    ok if u want 2 know read the books.

  31. A Said:

    You really think you know who this is?

  32. chandz Said:

    I Think its Jenna Or Alison Twin Sister because jenna isnt blind, i think she can see, but she just hasnt told anyone that she can see, because if she told everyone then it will be bait that jenna is A.

  33. tralala Said:

    I think that Lucas is A. Maybe, when he and Hannah were dancing, he put the money on hanna’s pocket!! don’t you think the same? LUCAS IS A!

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