Pretty Little Liars Book 5: Is Emily Fields Bisexual?

Photo Credit: Shay Mitchell as Emily, ABC Family

PLL Book 5, Wicked features its share of surprises. One of the more intriguing parts is when Emily attends a church event with her mom and meets Isaac, the lead singer of a band named Carpe Diem.

Here’s how Emily reacts to Isaac:

When the band finished the song, the singer stepped back from the microphone and peered out into the crowd. His clear, light blue eyes landed on Emily, and he smiled. Suddenly, electricity rushed through her, starting at the top of her head and zipping down to her feet. It felt like her coffee was pumped with ten times its usual amount of caffeine.

Electricity, smiles, eyes meeting…these all sound like quintessential “love at first sight” symptoms to us. Hold on a sec . . . doesn’t Emily like girls?

How do you think Emily really feels about Isaac?  Tell us in the comments!


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  1. Blah Said:

    oh come on man -_-…….i just hope they don’t add that in the show

  2. charm Said:

    oh plz ……… don’t show it

  3. Poop Said:

    I liked Isaac in Wicked, but after that I hated his doucheness.

  4. Maddie XOXOXO Said:

    I HATE Isaac! Gosh HE IS A JERK!

  5. karina Said:

    I actually likes them together but then he became a douche, she needs to get back with Maya!

  6. Naomi Said:

    I don’t like Isaac. He’s such a b***h, now that you guys mentioned him. Cause I’ve just started reading the 2nd book last week, and I already read 7 chapters. Now I’m on chapter 8 and they better not show Isaac on the show.

  7. charlotte Said:

    I liked Isaac at first, but then be becomes a b***h and now i hate him, i dnt want him in the show

  8. Eshaani Patel Said:

    its …”wicked” ! =)

  9. ! Said:

    Seriously, @everyone who has commented on this post! At least he is a guy! Besides, Maya scares me.

  10. sky Said:

    i dont mind issac. Him and Emily were cute together. his Mom was oh so phyco.

  11. -A Said:

    Agreed. I really liked Issac at first and I thought finally she’s away from Maya. Maya’s such a creeper, I mean she’s always whispering something in Jenna’s ear. And then, I realized that Issac was a complete mama’s boy and wanted no part of Emily whatsoever just because he didn’t believe that his mother was a psycho. They did so many things together and I wished that Issac never acted that way to Emily because I liked them sooo much. :-(

  12. Anne Said:

    so does Maya. My god she was crazy after she and emily broke. that’s why you dont date girls because they are mentally unbalanced and sick in the head. Emily should be alone because she is worthless and pathetic in the books and in the show. I hope she gets brutally murdered. Now that would be perfect for a piece of trash like Emily Fields. Good i hate that whore. Actually i hate all 4 girls. the only reason why i read the books is because of A, she made the book wonderful and exciting.

  13. Olivia Said:

    Well you guys better start to like him because in one of the new books that is coming out he gets Emily pregnant. She doesnt tell her parents and she says she needs a break so she and him go away till the baby is born and they give it up for adoption and they just go back to there normal lives. Emily is a junior in this book and when she leaves she drops everything.

  14. Olivia Said:

    i read it on a website and cant wait till it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Issy Said:

    this sounds sooo weird, i heard all this stuff that happens in the books and it sounds so unpredictable, like what a stupid thing, to go get pregant and i thought she was gay?? emily needs to go back with Maya or Samara, they are suck cute couples.

  16. Christie Said:

    I like emily, but she needs to go back to maya cos they are best couples…

  17. bubbleybubble3 Said:

    awww she likes a boy…. thats cute :)

  18. Ashley Said:

    I haven’t seen the show yet, but I just finished reading the first four books. I think they are great books and I like the way it’s going so far. Seems like a few people on here are very judgmental… you HATE them? They all have some good qualities. As far as judging Emily, if she is bi then it’s her decision. There are plenty of woman in the real world who have a hard time deciding if they are gay, bi, or straight. You never know till you try. Just saying.

  19. Macey Said:

    As for the girl who responded by calling Emily pathetic and worthless you need to stop!! Emily is an amazing character. She is a huge influence for teens and adults to show your true self without being ashamed. I personally know people who were inspired by her character in the book and show to finally be strong and be themselves. A lot of teens and adults get bullied for being bi,gay, or lesbian. She really teaches us to follow our hearts and that you can not control who you fall in love with.:)

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