Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween: Most Entertaining Fan Tweets for “This Is A Dark Ride”

Aria on the A Train

Photo Credit: Pretty Little Liars / ABC Family

The Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween special was a hell of a wild ride…literally. By boarding the spooky “A” Train with Spencer, Hanna, Emily, and Aria, we subjected ourselves to an hour of jaw-dropping horror and unshakeable images (RIP Garrett Reynolds). That being said, we loved every single minute of the harrowing adventure, and we know that you did as well judging by your entertaining commentary throughout the night. (Fun fact: This year’s spooktacular event generated the 2nd most Social Media Buzz ever, the first being of course the intense PLL Season 3 mid-season finale.) Check out some of our favorite #PLLHalloween tweets based on all the craziness that ensued in “This Is A Dark Ride”:

Yeah Spencer... Go tell Toby about all this danger you're in. THAT'S a good idea. #PLLHalloween
Just watching @ on #PLL #PLLHalloween I don't know why I haven't bought this album yet :/ here I come iTunes!!
Kyle Clarke
Best part of #PLLHalloween: Garrett had a secret crush on Spencer and Mama Marin sees dead people! #PLL
Aida Tarek
My heart wasn't even racing this fast at conditioning today!! #alisbody #PLLHalloween
Sadie Binkley
Omg what even is happening omg high school parties are not like this #PLLHalloween
Makenna Stanley
LOL, ADAM LAMBERT. RT @: "This exchange with Adam and Aria is Awkward with a capital A! #PLLHalloween"
Ok. Who the hell was in the body bag and who's friggen hand was that coming out of the ground?! I need answers, now. #PLLHalloween
No but the hand at the end was like waving AT LEAST TRY AND DIG YOURSELF OUT LIKE C'MON #PLLhalloween
Marissa Sblendorio
Well, #PLL has officially ruined/creep ified one of my favourite childhood songs. @ #Mona #creepy #PLLHalloween
Gemma Kerr
And while everyone's standin there freaked about the body bag Lucas is just there snappin a pic...hahah WTF #PLLHalloween
Madison Thompson
Jason is Jim Stark?! Hahahaha. No. No one can do it better than my #JamesDean. #PLLHalloween
Hide your kids, hide your wives and hide your husbands, because A's killing everybody out there!! #ATrain #PLLHalloween
Glenn Kaiser
Is it me or Toby looks like a mad version of himself? #PLLhalloween
@ i am having a panic attack watching you stuck in a crate w/a dead body.... #PLLHalloween #gonnahavenightmares
Mandy Mayekawa
The sight of that hand coming up from the dirt is going to have me up all night #PrettyLittleLiars #PLLHalloween #Wimpovahere #ABCFamily
Erin Caldwell
Mom- "Oh no I missed the end. Did she get out of the crate? I bet Adam Lambert saved her." #PLLHalloween #ATRAIN
Megan K
Spencer totally ripped off Melissa's look from last Halloween special. Always wants what Melissa has. #PLL #PrettyLittleLiars #PLLHalloween
i think Adam Lambert can do his eye makeup better then i can #ATrain #PLLHalloween #PLL
Alexandra Brown
@ ummm I think Ezra was the one trying to kill Spencer..ghost writer job my ass #PLLHalloween
While everyone was chilling over drinks, Alison's dead body was chilling under the ice cubes LOL #PLL #ATrain #PLLHalloween
Oh sweet Jesus this creepy child. There is a reason I don't watch scary movies. #PLLHalloween
I can't even fast forward through these commercials because I need that time to collect myself. #PLLHalloween
Alli's parents should've hired a better contractor. Their backyard has been under construction for over a year now. #PLLHalloween #ATrain
Jessica Clayton
You would have thought the police would have put those girls under witness protection as much as they get in trouble lol #PLLHalloween
Oh and Ezra? Shady Mutha effer. He just "shows up?" Oh ok. I still love Toby. Don't care what team he plays for. #ATrain #PLLHalloween
Ezra's on TeamA. That was Paige's hand coming from the ground. Mona is one creepy & devious individual. My thoughts. #ATrain #PLLHalloween
♏ 11.14
This episode is so good I had to watch it twice in a row. And I could watch it a third time #PLLHalloween
#pllhalloween = ghosts, body bag in the ice bucket, putting drugs in drinks, aria stuck with dead garret in a crate, blaming it all on byron
Abbey Kowalski




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