Wicked: Stepsisters

Ashley Benson as Hanna / Photo Credit: ABC Family

In Wicked, per her her father’s request, Hanna has to show stepsister Kate the Rosewood ropes and is not stoked about it. Kate has double-crossed Hanna in the past (she tattled on Hanna and got her in loads of trouble with Mr. Marin) and Hanna doesn’t trust her at all.

Here’s Hanna’s view of Kate after having hung out with her a few times:

”Kate certainly did not need Hanna’s help, not one bit. Kate was like Ali: graceful, beautiful, the object of everyone’s attention…and incredibly manipulative.”

So Kate reminds Hanna of Ali? While Ali had some great qualities, being a trustworthy friend was not really one of her strong points.

If you were Hanna, would you give Kate a second chance (especially considering she’s the new girl in school) or would you kick the back-stabber right on out of your life?

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  1. toshiwoshi Said:

    First comment :)

  2. toshiwoshi Said:

    nope, i hate Kate, she is a bitch.

  3. Eva Said:

    Second comment :) andd no. Never trust the perfect (evil) stepsister. Ever.

    Been there, done that, I stick by my words.

  4. giulia Said:

    No, she shouldnt trust her. She already did something bad and Hannah lost her trust now she should never trust her again. Only trust your family with deep secrets !

  5. stephanie Said:

    no she shold not trust kate. The moral of PLL is never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret

  6. Naomi Said:

    I agree with you toshiwoshi, Kate really is a b***h. Besides she never deserved a 2nd chance. She never did and Hanna has every right to hate her.

  7. Poop Said:

    Kate didn’t deserve a frst chance, let alone a second one. I just hate the fact that Kate waltzes right in and acts like she owns the house/school that Hanna has had for years. When we get to the other books, I will greaterly express my hatred for Kate, as of I do not want to give any spoilers.

  8. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    nope nope nope nope NOPE!

  9. BrainyChild=ME! Said:

    Kte’s a totla biznatch! <3

  10. Mitchie Said:

    No. I can’t stand backstabbers. They’re the best manipulators. If you trust them again, you only end up backstabbed again. Girls like that are not worth anyone’s time.

  11. Maddie XOXOXO Said:

    NO!!! She’s Judas!

  12. A Said:

    Never trust a pretty girl. they could be hiding a HIDEOUS secret. (:<


  13. PLS Said:

    @ A

    there r already a billion As… so get another name!
    and dont sign it A bc thats been done a million times b4… it gets annoying!!!


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